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This is a new residental project at Ataköy disctrict in Istanbul. Most important piece of this project is two high rise tower wich are connected with a bridge wich has a lading place for helicopters.

But because of this website is just new, you can see the project pix at the intro... :cheers:
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Toplu Konut?Sounds like this is not a private investment.Do they have enough space in Atakoy?
There are some places, but I don't know where this one will be located...
Wow, the towers linked by the bridge are brilliant! How tall will they be and has construction started?
i count 33 floors...
so, with the spire the height will be around 140m

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This project is very close to the airport, across the Ayamama stream from Atakoy's current westernmost point. It looks better than Atakoy's older sections inded.

i do not understand this one..
a new cluster?

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Thanks Sercan :eek:kay: How could you copy and paste these pix from the intro?
my brother has a special programmm :D

Yes there was a project planning a skyraper district in Ataköy. I heard that Ataköy residents were aganist those skyscraper cluster. Because they think that it will cause traffic problems and would destroy Ataköy's peaceful atmosphere.
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But if it is setteled at the otherside of E-5, at Şirinevler, it would be wonderful...
We absolutely need these kind of projects....
There was a mistake at the first news. This project is not for Ataköy, but for Ataşehir disctrict wich is at the Anatolian siade of the city. So, we'll see the combination of this area, Kozyatağı and here ;)
Is Ataköy and Ataşehir are different districts? I was not aware of that. I am not sure if the project I mentioned was in Ataşehir or Ataköy
Atasehir is the biggest residentila dístrict in asia

Ataköy is in the european side... the Ataköy/Sinan Erdem Dome is also there..

maybe it will be the highest on the asian side...160m.
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Ataköy is at the European side, very close to Atatürk Airport. Ataşehir is at the Anatolian side, beside the TEM highway
I see.

I was thinking that Ataköy is the old name, and Ataşehir is the name of the Project, like in Ankara's Ümitköy which turned into Ümitkent in Emlak Bank's Projects.

OK then.
Ok guys,I'll move to Istanbul!One of this apts must be mine!
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