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So for long, we have been talking about how to make it easier for all of you to upload and access the files shared and added for the Community city (New Atlantis).
We have so far been working with everything from websites like Rapidshare to Things like torrents, and to drop box.
So the other day. Xdexina told me about skydrive, which is a file sharing programme much like dropbox.
This did not have the proplem that dropbox had. (The fact that there wasnt enough space for all models).
So this will so far be the new way of sharing files for the city.
This will therefore be a tutorial site for skydrive and also a thread to add ideas to the whole skydrive plan.


Downloading and Installing skydrive on windows and mac.​


  1. Go to and log in. The page should look like this:

    1 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

    [*]And when you are logged in. It should look like this:

    2 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

    [*]Then click on the "Pc's" button and then on "Download skydrive for windows"

    3 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

    4 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

    [*]When the download is finished Install it. It should look like this, when clicking it:

    9 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

    [*]When done with that. Click, get started and log on. (You can go through the intro if you want to.)

    [*]When done with the install. You should be able to find it on your desktop.

    6 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

    [*]If it is not on the desktop. Then you can find it under favorites, in any map.

    7 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr


  1. to download the mac version of Skydrive. Please go to:

    8 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

  2. Simply click on the download button and drag it to your app folder.

Uploading and sharing files​

So this is much like the way we wanted to do things in dropbox. Overall pretty easy.

  1. Send me, a private message with your Email. I will then add you to the Map. Once you have been added. Your models will be ready shortly (Depending the time distance.)
  2. open your Map. and then in models. So [Username] → [Models] The map should (after all files added) look something like this:

    1 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

  3. Drag your wished model into the folder. When there, it should look like this:

    2 by Earthbuilder, on Flickr

  4. Now write in the main thread (Our Second community city) that you have added a model to your map.

  5. We will now check your model, when the check is over it will be renamed.
    Note that you may NOT rename your model after 1st check.
    If your model is accepted But not rendered it will be named [Username [Plot Nr.] Not Rendered]
    If accepted and rendered: [Username [Plot Nr.] Rendered]
    If the models is NOT accepted it will be named [Username [plotDATT] ]
    DATT means Declined at this time.

  6. If not accepted. you need to add more details and so. If you don't know what to do. Then ask in the thread and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  7. If accepted. Make more models! :)

That is actually it! I really hope this works the way it is supossed to. So we can get a good way of adding files to the city!
If you have any questions, then go ahead and shoot! Nothing is to stupid! :D
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