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Our clothes smell better these days. As smoke-free ordinances have swept the country--10 states and more than 1,800 municipalities have some smoke-free regulations--our throats also feel better, our eyes seem clearer, and our lungs are finally free of fumes.

That is, unless you live in Louisville or Detroit or Las Vegas or any of the other 13 cities that received an F in our rankings of the nation's smokiest cities. Southern cities dominate the bottom of this ash heap. But Salt Lake City, where Mormons and Marlboros don't mix, soared above them all.

These rankings aren't just based on nice-smelling restaurants, though data from the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation helped us identify places with smoke-free laws. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United Health Foundation gave us statistics on the percentage of smokers in various locales. And the CDC provided rates of suicide by cigarette: lung-cancer deaths (continued below...)


1. Salt Lake City, UT A+

2. (tie) Long Beach, CA A+

Los Angeles, CA A+

4. (tie) San Diego, CA A

Honolulu, HI A

6. San Jose, CA A

7. Riverside, CA A-

Newark, NJ A-

9. Fresno, CA A-

10. (tie) Anaheim, CA A-

New York, NY A-

12. Denver, CO A-

13. San Francisco, CA A-

14. Albuquerque, NM A-

15. Aurora, CO A-

16. Tucson, AZ B+

17. (tie) Boise, ID B+

Seattle, WA B+

19. Fremont, CA B+

20. (tie) Miami, FL B+

Colorado Springs, CO B+

22. Oakland, CA B+

23. San Antonio, TX B+

24. Modesto, CA B+

25. Boston, MA B+

26. Sacramento, CA B+

27. Yonkers, NY B+

28. Minneapolis, MN B

29. El Paso, TX B

30. Laredo, TX B

31. Madison, WI B

32. Rochester, NY B

33. Jersey City, NJ B

34. Stockton, CA B-

35. Bakersfield, CA B-

36. St. Paul, MN B-

37. Orlando, FL B-

38. Raleigh, NC B-

39. (tie) Portland, OR C+

Spokane, WA C+

41. (tie) Mesa, AZ C+

Phoenix, AZ C+

Scottsdale, AZ C+

44. Atlanta, GA C+

45. (tie) Washington, DC C+

Lubbock, TX C+

47. Houston, TX C+

48. Corpus Christi, TX C+

49. (tie) Chicago, IL C+

Charlotte, NC C+

51. Plano, TX C+

52. Dallas, TX C+

53. Buffalo, NY C

54. (tie) St. Petersburg, FL C

Austin, TX C

56. Arlington, TX C

57. Garland, TX C

58. Richmond, VA C

59. Lincoln, NE C

60. Virginia Beach, VA C

61. Grand Rapids, MI C

62. Providence, RI C

63. Baton Rouge, LA C

64. (tie) Tacoma, WA C-

Norfolk, VA C-

Milwaukee, WI C-

67. Chesapeake, VA C-

68. Wichita, KS C-

69. Tampa, FL C-

70. Fort Wayne, IN C-

71. Fort Worth, TX C-

72. Toledo, OH C-

73. Greensboro, NC C-

74. Baltimore, MD D+

75. (tie) Omaha, NE D+

Des Moines, IA D+

77. Columbus, OH D+

78. Little Rock, AR D

79. Montgomery, AL D

80. Birmingham, AL D-

81. Durham, NC D-

82. Jacksonville, FL D-

83. Oklahoma City, OK D-

84. Tulsa, OK D-

85. Anchorage, AK D-

86. (tie) New Orleans, LA F

Pittsburgh, PA F

Akron, OH F

89. Cleveland, OH F

90. Philadelphia, PA F

91. Kansas City, MO F

92. Las Vegas, NV F

93. Memphis, TN F

94. Cincinnati, OH F

95. Detroit, MI F

96. Indianapolis, IN F

97. Nashville, TN F

98. Shreveport, LA F

99. St. Louis, MO F

100. Lexington, KY F

101. Louisville, KY F

I love lists like this. I have no idea why, as I find them to usually be somewhat off.

Your comments?
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