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Hello SSC Hong Kong, I am currently doing research for school on how different cities around the world approaches their urban density growth, problems and issues.

One of the cities I am doing is Hong Kong. If anyone can spare me information about:
1. How the housing market works
2. Current population density problems with the city
3. Current solutions the city is implementing to deal with these problems
4. Your own opinion on the city's approach, as well as your own.

I would appreciate any response you give me. A short response helps, a longer response helps even more.

Thank you

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1. About half the population lives in government housing. Land is owned by the government and auctioned off to developers. Due to the low interest rate environment and lack of supply, prices have doubled since Lehman collapsed.

2. The government has finally realized in 2012 that the land supply problem is real and more land needs to be auctioned for development. In addition to renewal within the city, new suburbs are planned in the outskirts (see my thread in the General Developments section). Density is not likely going down and it is expected that urban areas remain dense.

3. As above - more land supply being provided through government auctions

4. Not much can be done about the high cost of housing and lack of affordability as the HKD is pegged to the USD. As long as the US continues its policy of devaluation and currency manipulation, Hong Kong, and other regional markets, will see the effects of high inflation.
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