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Urban Highways in your City

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By "Highway", I do not mean "motorway" or "freeway", because that's not what it means, but it can be a motorway.

I mean any large main road, that in this case is important for your City.

Figueira da Foz

This is a map of 2x2's in Figueira da Foz.
All of them have a speed limit of 50km/h, except 109 and 14.



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Highways in London, Ontario.

Highway 401 (Freeway):

Highway 402 (Freeway):

Highbury Avenue (Expressway):

Veterans Memorial Parkway (Expressway):

Wonderland Road (Arterial)
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Perhaps a good example is Coventry's inner ring road, which does a brilliant job of keeping traffic out of the city centre even if it dominates the skyline a little in some places. And to think the council were wanting to demolish part of it!!

I would find some images of it but CBRD has an entire feature including photos and some videos dedicated to it! :lol:
If there were thoughts of demolishing Coventry Ring Road, another council nearby did so in the mid-1990's. I refer to the eastern part of Birmingham Inner Ring Road which was transformed into a series of urban boulevards plus a section only for for buses.
São Paulo , 23 de Março Road

Marginal Pinheiro

Rodoanel leste

SP 280 , west São Paulo

Marginal oeste

Sp 348
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Here are a few pics of Laagna road in Tallinn which is the major road axis within the biggest commieblock suburb of Tallinn - Lasnamäe(pop. 100,000 inhabitants):


By echo

By echo

By echo
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And here is some from my other city, London:

None of these were taken by me

M25 J14:

A40 Western Avenue (looking East)

Further down, here it is called Westway


In Kingston:

In Wandsworth:


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Urban motorway D1 in our capital and biggest city - Bratislava

pisc from - in bad quality

Why it is called "Prístavný most"/Harbour bridge? ;)

and they are going to build there another road - R7 :nuts:

direction Žilina/Košice

D1 in Bratislava - Petržalka, just 1.5 km to Austrian border and junction with D1
Aan said:
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Sofia, Bulgaria - Tsarigradsko Shosse (left - right):

This is the main thoroughfare of Sofia in the southeastern part of the city and main route to Plovdiv and Istanbul. On the picture you can see the junction of Tsarigradsko Shosse, Peyo Yavorov Blvd. (bottom-right part) and Mihai Eminescu Blvd. (top-left part).
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The recently renovated Brussels Bldv, which connects Tsarigradsko Shosse to Sofia Airport.
Изглежда като първата наистина _добре_ направена отсечка където и да било в България.

Сега остава и естакадата към Терминал 2 да пуснат, ще е супер.
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