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I've always decribed my self as being Anglo-Saxon for the type of caucasian I am and geonelogy. There's also a slight mix of mediterranian.

For example if a person says somthing like 'he's not Australian, he's Indian'.

I'd probably say 'yeah I'm actually anglo-saxon Australian, he can be Australian too but his family background probably comes from the sub-continent'.

A work mate who once discussed a particular place to celebrate a national celebration claimed there were only Australians - showing a picuture of a bunch of flag waving types. Knowing she meant of course only people that are white, I felt like saying,

'Yeah you mean the place was full of Anglo-Saxons'?

Although! The term Anglo-Saxon here in Australia seems to be more replaced with Anglo-Celtic. I do wonder if this was raised by the 'don't like English people prefer to have any forein family ties with either Scots, Welsh and Irish' people.
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