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Uruguay (by EMArg)

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Welcome to the new thread of Uruguay, a new part of the collection of threads of the countries and cities of the world:

And this is the list of all the stuff shown in the thread, that I'll be also updating periodically, and it's sorted by Department/City and the Page Number, so that way you may find what you're looking for:


-Colonia del Sacramento: City Overview (Page 1)


-Punta del Este: City Overview (Page 1)


-Montevideo: Antel Tower (Page 2)
-Montevideo: City Overview (Page 2)
-Montevideo: El Prado Neighborhood & Botanical Garden (Page 3)
-Montevideo: Libertador Avenue (Página 3)
-Montevideo: Mercado Agrícola (Page 2)
-Montevideo: Museum of Decorative Arts (Page 3)
-Montevideo: Pocitos & Punta Carretas (Page 2)
-Montevideo: Salvo Palace (Page 2)
-Montevideo: World Trade Center Montevideo (Page 3)
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Montevideo: Libertador Avenue

Departament: Montevideo
City: Montevideo
Place: Libertador Avenue

Similar to the case of Buenos Aires, Montevideo also opened a new huge avenue to connect strategic points of the city. The Libertador Avenue was then built as the monumental axis, connecting the Entrevero Square to the amazing Legislative Palace. Appart from cutting the grid layout of streets and having an aesthetic purpose, it’s also an important piece of the culture of the country, being the main place for the parade everytime a new president of Uruguay is elected.

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Montevideo: Museum of Decorative Arts

Departament: Montevideo
City: Montevideo
Place: Museum of Decorative Arts

The Taranco Palace, nowadays the Museum of Decorative Arts, is placed in one of the many parisian-looking-like sectors of Montevideo, in front of the Zabala Square. It has a smaller scale when compared to the same museum of Buenos Aires, but its beauty and details are also very rich. The MAD of Montevideo shows the opulence of the high class of that era in a region of South America who was higly influenced by the french culture and architecture.

Montevideo: El Prado Neighborhood & Botanical Garden

Departament: Montevideo
City: Montevideo
Place: El Prado Neighborhood & Botanical Garden of Montevideo

The Prado neighborhood traditionally was the place of the biggest mansions of Montevideo. Nowadays, these huge residences coexist with the Botanical Garden, the Rosedal, the Hotel del Prado and other educational institutions such as the Liceo Militar (Military School). On this area also lies the Presidential Palace and the gorgeous Soneira Castle. Similar to the Bosques de Palermo in Buenos Aires, the Prado neighborhood also includes a “Rural” complex.

Beautiful shots. Love those old villas.
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World Trade Center Montevideo

Departament: Montevideo
City: Montevideo
Place: World Trade Center Montevideo

Placed in the neighborhood of Buceo, a bit far from the Downtown, the World Trade Center Montevideo and the corporate area who surrounds it are the most modern sector of the city. The total complex started its construction at the end of the 1990s and it concentrates nowadays the tallest towers of Uruguay after the Antel Tower. This huge complex was chosen for the headquarters of several international companies, as well as many banks and embassies.

Awesome, very nice pictures! :cheers:
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Interbalnearia Route (IB)

Cities: Montevideo - Punta del Este - Resort Towns
Place: Interbalnearia Route IB

On the same logic of most of the latin american countries, Uruguay concentrates most of its population and commercial activity on a well-defined circuit of cities who only reach a small amount of land within the whole country. In this particular case, those cities are Montevideo, the capital city, and Punta del Este, the most exclusive city in South America. The Ruta Interbalnearia (translated as “Inter-resort Route”) connects this two urban centers. The current highway uses, in some areas, the layout of older routes. Most of the route was built between the middle of the 1990s and the late 2000s.

beautiful and thanks for sharing, please keep them coming.
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