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I still like the coconut chicken noodle and the curry beef stew noodle. Coconut chicken noodle is not exactly Macanese food though.:)

From this coming September, the US Chinese food chain P.F. Chang’s will introduce Macanese food in the menus of its 155 restaurants. Company managers announced the launch date of the promotion during their visit to Macau last week.

Between September and December 2007, the 17 million customers of the casual dining restaurant chain will have a choice of four to five Macanese dishes. Portuguese wine will be recommended to complement the food.

The Macanese food promotion is integrated in a project of the P.F. Chang’s chain to introduce to the Americans the diversity of food from the different regions of China.

“After starting the series of Chinese regional cuisine promotion with Sichuan food, followed by Yunnan food, Macanese gastronomy was a natural choice to come next, for being so different, with its mix of flavors so distinct, but that makes so much sense”, points out P.F. Chang’s executive-chef Bob Tam.

P.F. Chang’s is working on a list of dishes among which four or five will be chosen. According to the Hong Kong born Bob Tam, African Chicken is already a favorite.

After the promotion, some of the Macanese dishes might make it to the permanent menu of P.F. Chang’s restaurants, depending on the success of the campaign among their clients. Around two thirds of the menu of P.F. Chang’s is Cantonese food, unchanged since the opening of the first restaurant of the chain, back in 1993.

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