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UTC KUALA LUMPUR ( formerly Pudu Sentral & PuduRaya ) | Completed (1976) & Refurbished (2011)

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Puduraya to get facelift
RM30m upgrade to be completed next year
Pearl Lee
Friday, July 3rd, 2009 07:39:00

BETTER FOR THE PEOPLE: Jaafar (right) answering
questions from the media on the newlook Puduraya

ALL is set for Puduraya to be the landmark of KL after its upgrading works are completed by the end of next year.

UDA managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan said yesterday the company welcomed the Prime Minister's comments to upgrade the building for the comfort of the people.

"There would also be a banking hall concept with around 10-12 counters that would provide electronic ticketing services. We feel this would tackle the tout problem," Jaafar said.

He added that currently Puduraya caters for between 75,000 to 80,000 people on a weekday and over 100,000 people on weekends, excluding festive seasons.

When asked if upgrading works for the terminal could cope with the demands when Puduraya is fully converted into a city bus terminal, Jaafar said: "The refurbishment works is to cater for current needs that are pressing. We are not doing it for that (city bus terminal)."

The three-stage makeover, which will cost a total of RM30.3 million, will see the 33-year-old bus hub being refurbished with escalators, walkalators, a bigger and more comfortable waiting area akin to that found at airports.

Electronic ticket booking facilities will also be introduced.

A budget of RM25m that will be used for the refurbishment works was tabled at the Finance Ministry and was approved by the government.

Stage one of the refurbishing works, which would costs RM5.3 million, is funded wholly by UDA Holdings Berhad and ongoing works include upgrading the fire resistance system, building a pedestrian walkway between the Plaza Rakyat LRT station and Puduraya, painting works, upgrading of toilets as well as adding more waiting areas at the mezzanine level.

Other initiatives taken under the second and third phases would include a new food court and surau, adding of more passenger lifts, introduction of children playing area, additional cargo lifts and replacing new exhaust fans at the basement.

There would also be facilities such as toilets and ramps to cater for the disabled.

Puduraya presently houses southern and northern bound buses at its premises.

The new Integrated Transport Terminal-Southern Sector (ITT-S) in Bandar Tasik Selatan is due to be completed by the end of next year and would see the operations of southern bound buses from Puduraya shifted there.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz had said that Puduraya would be turned into a city bus terminal, and a new bus hub to cater for northern bound buses would be built either in Gombak or Selayang.

UDA to take over Puduraya Hotel

THE operations of Puduraya Hotel will be taken over by UDA Holdings Sdn Bhd by next year.

This was made known by UDA managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan at a Press conference yesterday.

Though the hotel was built in 1976, the management and running of the hotel was leased to Puduraya Hotel Sdn Bhd.

“In the past we did not have experience in the hotel industry and thus it was rented out. We have, however, been toying with the idea to take over the running of the hotel for the past six to seven years. Now that we will be spending a lot to refurbish Puduraya, we think it is fit for us to run the hotel as well.”

Jaafar said the hotel would be managed by Uda AnCasa Sdn Bhd by Feb 1.

“We are also taking over the Puduraya Hotel operations in light of the upgrading being carried out in Puduraya.”

Notices too have been served to the current operators of the hotel.

The group presently operates AnCasa Hotel and Spa KL, AnCasa AllSuites Resort & Spa Port Dickson, Jerejak Rainforest Resort Penang, and Kuala Terengganu Golf Resort.
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pedestrian walkways

hi all, newbie here. i've been following this website for a while, so i thought i'd start adding my 2 sens worth.

for now, i just wanted to ask.. if you all remember a few months ago, the PM announced that under the economic stimulus package, some funds would be allocated for pedestrian walkways/bridges etc in the KL area. has there been any progress on this??? haven't seen much change..
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