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UTC KUALA LUMPUR ( formerly Pudu Sentral & PuduRaya ) | Completed (1976) & Refurbished (2011)

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Puduraya to get facelift
RM30m upgrade to be completed next year
Pearl Lee
Friday, July 3rd, 2009 07:39:00

BETTER FOR THE PEOPLE: Jaafar (right) answering
questions from the media on the newlook Puduraya

ALL is set for Puduraya to be the landmark of KL after its upgrading works are completed by the end of next year.

UDA managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan said yesterday the company welcomed the Prime Minister's comments to upgrade the building for the comfort of the people.

"There would also be a banking hall concept with around 10-12 counters that would provide electronic ticketing services. We feel this would tackle the tout problem," Jaafar said.

He added that currently Puduraya caters for between 75,000 to 80,000 people on a weekday and over 100,000 people on weekends, excluding festive seasons.

When asked if upgrading works for the terminal could cope with the demands when Puduraya is fully converted into a city bus terminal, Jaafar said: "The refurbishment works is to cater for current needs that are pressing. We are not doing it for that (city bus terminal)."

The three-stage makeover, which will cost a total of RM30.3 million, will see the 33-year-old bus hub being refurbished with escalators, walkalators, a bigger and more comfortable waiting area akin to that found at airports.

Electronic ticket booking facilities will also be introduced.

A budget of RM25m that will be used for the refurbishment works was tabled at the Finance Ministry and was approved by the government.

Stage one of the refurbishing works, which would costs RM5.3 million, is funded wholly by UDA Holdings Berhad and ongoing works include upgrading the fire resistance system, building a pedestrian walkway between the Plaza Rakyat LRT station and Puduraya, painting works, upgrading of toilets as well as adding more waiting areas at the mezzanine level.

Other initiatives taken under the second and third phases would include a new food court and surau, adding of more passenger lifts, introduction of children playing area, additional cargo lifts and replacing new exhaust fans at the basement.

There would also be facilities such as toilets and ramps to cater for the disabled.

Puduraya presently houses southern and northern bound buses at its premises.

The new Integrated Transport Terminal-Southern Sector (ITT-S) in Bandar Tasik Selatan is due to be completed by the end of next year and would see the operations of southern bound buses from Puduraya shifted there.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz had said that Puduraya would be turned into a city bus terminal, and a new bus hub to cater for northern bound buses would be built either in Gombak or Selayang.

UDA to take over Puduraya Hotel

THE operations of Puduraya Hotel will be taken over by UDA Holdings Sdn Bhd by next year.

This was made known by UDA managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan at a Press conference yesterday.

Though the hotel was built in 1976, the management and running of the hotel was leased to Puduraya Hotel Sdn Bhd.

“In the past we did not have experience in the hotel industry and thus it was rented out. We have, however, been toying with the idea to take over the running of the hotel for the past six to seven years. Now that we will be spending a lot to refurbish Puduraya, we think it is fit for us to run the hotel as well.”

Jaafar said the hotel would be managed by Uda AnCasa Sdn Bhd by Feb 1.

“We are also taking over the Puduraya Hotel operations in light of the upgrading being carried out in Puduraya.”

Notices too have been served to the current operators of the hotel.

The group presently operates AnCasa Hotel and Spa KL, AnCasa AllSuites Resort & Spa Port Dickson, Jerejak Rainforest Resort Penang, and Kuala Terengganu Golf Resort.
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Great news, isnt it.

The terminal is being finished really fast - and after the renovation starts and the buses shift to BTS, it can be used as a holding area for urban buses - get them off the streets finally!

One has to wonder, why did they wait for so long!

Cheers, m
Temporary closing of Puduraya!

Puduraya congestion remains

Meanwhile, UDA Holdings Bhd is expected to call for a press conference next month to announce the closing of the 30-year-old terminal to facilitate renovation work.

According to UDA sources who are working at the Puduraya terminal, the south-bound bus services will soon be shifted to the bus holding bay in Jalan Hang Tuah, while northbound services will be based at the Jalan Duta station.

A whopping RM52mil was allocated to turn the terminal into a modern and comprehensive transportation hub, with the first phase of work costing RM4.2mil completed last September. The second phase will start next month.

Although some feel the area might be less congested when the terminal is closed for renovation work, there are those who feel that other problems may crop up.

Bus driver Hanapiah Ismail, 45, is one who thinks that matters will become a lot worse than before.
Wow, closing puduraya for short term!

Cheers, m
Im going to propose that DBKL and the Federal Territories Ministry move all urban buses that are waiting around Kota Raya to the temporary terminal and use it as a staging area. Alternatively, they can stage the KL-Seremban and KL-Klang buses there instead of blocking the road near the Klang bus stand.

Cheers, m
AFTER SPENDING!!!!!!THEN MOVE it to bukit jalil!!!:bash:

Once completed, the depot will be able to accommodate 135 buses at a time.

Also, the authorities would also be able to ensure only registered buses used the bays, to curb touting.

The area, spanning about 1.9ha, will also have facilities like public toilets, bus washing area, rest area for drivers, prayer rooms, changing rooms and car and motorcycle parking bays.

The project is estimated to cost RM6.2mil.
Certainly...and it will continue to be raised.

If the temporary bus stop is available at least one of the arguments - that there is no bus stabling area in KL - can be taken away.

The next argument will be that there is traffic congestion between the Hang Tuah depot and Kota Raya but it can be worked out.

if not mistaken the issue of SJ Bus and Metrobus polluting KL's oldest enclave has already been raised couple of years ago....:(
Allurban whats the deal with metrobus and SJ bus?They can just park and wait for pax anywhere they like!I have seen their buses doing over 100kmh on the ampang elevated highway!Wrote to LPKP a few time still nothing .Is it true that koperasi polis is largest share holder in these bus company?
Degilo, I think it is just remarkable persistence on the part of the drivers and conductors combined with poor laws & not enough enforcement powers.

First, if a bus or taxi receives a summons for parking, racing, speeding, being poorly maintained, etc, that summons goes to the driver - not the owner of the permit.

If the driver chooses to pay the summons (and you know that many would not) then they have to make the money back - and they do it by coming back to the same place at the same time tomorrow, where the customers will be. They also drive at high speed from place to place so that they can get more customers and therefore, more money.

I have been told that one of the changes we will see with the new SPAD is that the permit holders will actually be forced to pay summonses - but then, I think the permit holders will just tack the cost of summonses onto the daily pajak rate and we will see the same problem as before.

So I think that overall, it comes down to enforcement.

One good thing is that the new law will give JPJ, PDRM Traffic, PBT enforcement and SPAD/CVLB officers joint powers - meaning that there is no need for joint enforcement exercises - a JPJ officer can issue summonses on behalf of PDRM Traffic, PBT Enforcement, SPAD/CVLB and the other officers can do the same. That means that more areas can be tackled at the same time since the enforcement can be spread out instead of having to be concentrated with joint operations.

Cheers, m
Not sure where the exactly the shuttle bus parks but it is probably near the roundabout in front of Puduraya.

As for getting to Bukit Jalil from Sunway, you would have to take RapidKL U63/U67/U76 from Sunway to Pasar Seni and then U71 to Bukit Jalil-but the cost of the bus to Bukit Jalil is more than the shuttle from Puduraya - Bukit Jalil.

Alternatively you can take the LRT to the Bukit Jalil LRT station - then walk from the station to the temporary terminal.

Cheers, m
help that puduraya is do i get from sunway to bukit jalil? do i have to go all the way to puduraya to take the buses to bkt jalil? (and if so...where r the buses parked at?)...or there is a bus from sunway straight to bkt jalil....i heard U71 buses travel all the way to bkt it?
there is a plan to do that but it is the initiative of DBKL and Prasarana.

Cheers, m
Does anyone know if they upgrading the walkway to the plaza rakyat LRT station!!!If they can spend so much on puduraya surely they can do something about it also ha!!!
someone told me that the terminal was 95% completed before the project stopped.

Who knows if Prasarana would be interested in working to make the bus terminal viable again - they could have their RapidKL buses stage there.

I was at the Plaza Rakyat LRT station recently - it is now painted and far more bright than ever (but still a bit gloomy compared to other LRT stations).

Cheers, m
Thus,if i can recall,there suppose to be more bus terminals below Plaza Rakyat,in order to cope with more daily usage.Since Plaza Rakyat is slightly above street level,i assume that the terminal below it is completed but maybe still in its current form??

when did they say that Puduraya would be ready in time for Raya? I recall OTK saying that the Bandar Tasik Selatan terminal could be ready by Raya but not Puduraya. But OTK is prone to exaggeration.

Cheers, m
Puduraya Facelift Won't Be Ready Before Raya
August 12, 2010 22:57 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 (Bernama) -- Uda Holdings Berhad said renovation work at the Puduraya bus station would not be ready before Raya as stated earlier.

Its chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said due to unavoidable circumstances, the Puduraya station would only resume operations by the year end.

"According to the initial plan, the renovation should be ready at the year end...but following the government's request, we agreed to try to complete it as soon as possible."

He said this to reporters after distributing 700 packets of bubur lambuk, a savoury rice porridge, to the public in conjunction with Ancasa Hotel's 'buka puasa' function with orphans and the less fortunate, here Thursday.

Due to the situation, he said, the temporary bus station in Bukit Jalil would continue to be used for the 'balik kampung' exodus this Aidilfitri season.

On the breaking of fast function, Nur Jazlan said it was part of the company's corporate social responsibility and organised each year to bring cheer to the less fortunate.

At the function, 66 orphans from Pusat Jagaan Nur Hikmah, Kuala Lumpur and 20 senior citizens from the Seri Tanjung Old Folk's Home in Kuang received 'duit raya', Raya necessities and souvenirs.

they will be doing that in November anyways, once Puduraya is re-opened.

Hentian Duta and Hentian Putra are living on borrowed time - once Gombak and Sg. Buloh ITT are finished they will definitely be closed and sold off.

Cheers, m
Are u telling me that they planning to move all operations from terminal putra and jalan duta back to puduraya???
traffic is now terrible, rather than horrible - probably more because of the traffic lights than anything else.

On the other hand - traffic leaving KL driving past Pasar Seni has improved a great deal since they moved the Rawang and Seremban buses to the terminal at jalan Hang Tuah.

Cheers, m
hows d traffic at pudu now since they close d puduraya? is it still worst or smooth?
once all the ITT are built, then it will become a short-distance bus terminal - for places like Klang, Kuala Selangor, Rawang, Seremban - and hopefully a holding area for Metrobus, RapidKL etc.

Cheers, m
This Bus terminal would be changed to intercity bus terminal?
it depends on the government's strength of will.

The opening of Gombak is significant because it frees up 2 bus terminals on the edge of the city which can be re-used as holding areas for stage buses.

Once Gombak is opened the gov't can try to shift the stage bus operators to use the Pekeliling bus hub at Titiwangsa LRT station (for northbound stage buses) and the Hentian Putra near PWTC (for westbound stage buses) - especially for north and westbound buses.

In fact, they could even be banned from coming into the city and an upgraded (and why not free?) RapidKL City Shuttle bus service could be used to move commuters into and around the city proper.

If the government is not strong-willed enough they can wait until Sg. Buloh (northbound buses) is opened - then they can also use Hentian Duta as a carpark.

No matter what, they have to find a way to ensure that the buses can move freely around the city - otherwise the bus operators will stay at Kota Raya forever.

Cheers, m
so u mean SJ Bus, Metrobus will keep roaming around old town part until another ITT is fully constructed? :sleepy:
Aiyoh, why go on April 16? Go on April 14 or 15 and tell them what you think!

Cheers, m
Upgraded Hentian Puduraya to reopen April 16

PUTRAJAYA: The upgraded Hentian Puduraya bus terminal is to reopen on April 16 after several postponements, Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin said Saturday.

He said some of the facilities could almost match those of the modern Integrated South-Bandar Tasik Selatan Transport Terminal (TBS-BTS).

The reopening of the bus terminal in the city centre was originally scheduled for the end of 2010, but was rescheduled to February, then March and now to April.

Raja Nong Chik said the developer, Uda Holdings Berhad, had informed him that all the preparations were going on smoothly for the terminal to resume operations on schedule.

"On April 16, I will go down there. From the report I have received, everything is going well. I am confident the major works will be completed in the two weeks," he told reporters after flagging off 35 teams participating in a motoring treasure hunt of the Alam Shah School Alumni from here to Port Dickson.

Raja Nong Chik said the upgraded facilities at Hentian Puduraya would provide added comfort for the public using the bus services at that venue which was strategically located to provide integration with other modes of public transportation. - BERNAMA
Until the Sg. Buloh terminal is built, Puduraya will be the hub for north-bound buses. Gombak will be the ITT hub for eastbound buses.

After all the terminals are opened, Puduraya will become a holding area for stage buses & probably a terminal for short-distance city buses - to Klang, Seremban & Rawang.

Cheers, m
What is the purpose of the new upgraded Puduraya now?

Is Puduraya now meant to be solely an intra-city bus terminal, for commuting within the city & to its suburb, strictly no inter-state express? Or some of the express bus companies who previously operated there are to return but on a limited scale (only ticketing, fewer trips with the bulk of their trips from TBS or the Duta Terminal?

I gathered, most of us had lost the plot by now, especially with the many delay. Would appreciate those who remembered for a recall. Thanks
where is the 2.0 m ceiling? We saw a section of low ceiling in front of a ticket counter in some photos.

Cheers, m
Totally agreed. Raja nong chik said the ceiling is too low. He should have personally gone down to make sure the ceiling has been raised instead of getting reports from his men.

I guess he was referring to the 2.0m ceiling. Totally unacceptable! It's too late and will cost a lot to raise the ceiling now.
OK, I see what you are referring to. Agreed, will have to check that out.

Cheers, m
I am referring to the hall that leads passengers upstairs to the waiting rooms, food court, etc. You can see it on the last photo on post 179. Look behind platform P13, you see the ceiling separation of brown and beige colors. Look at the beige part and you will notice how low the ceiling is.

I am less than 6 ft but still can touch the ceiling. They actually put 2.0 m signs to warn passengers like the signs you see on overhead bridges. When I asked the UDA people about this, they asked me back: you cannot pass through is it? You can fill up a aduan form. They had the audacity to tell me that for tall people they can use the stairs or lift.

You guys so go check it out.
by the way, does anyone know anything about the latest contact information for the terminal? The old website is not working anymore either.

Cheers, m
Thanks, but that looks like it is info for the leasing office, not bus services.

Person In Charge

: a) Che Norlia Hashim
b) Mat Nor Rahim

Phone No.

: 03-20786018

Fax No.

: 03-2070 6179

: [email protected]
Cheers, m

  • TBSBTS - southbound buses
  • Puduraya - northbound buses & short distance intercity buses
  • Hentian Putra - East coast-bound buses
  • Pekeliling - Pahang bound buses
  • Hentian Duta - Northbound buses operated by Transnasional

Near Future:

  • TBS-BTS - southbound buses
  • TBT-Gombak - Northbound buses
  • Puduraya - Short distance intercity buses plus staging area for stage buses
  • Hentian Putra - East coast-bound buses
  • Pekeliling - Pahang bound buses
  • Hentian Duta - Northbound buses operated by Transnasional

Long term:
  • TBS-BTS - southbound buses
  • TBT-Gombak - eastbound buses
  • TBU-Sg.Buloh - northbound buses
  • Puduraya - Short distance intercity buses plus staging area for stage buses
  • Hentian Putra - tutup
  • Pekeliling - tutup
  • Hentian Duta - ?

  • TBS-BTS - southbound buses
  • TBT-Gombak - eastbound buses
  • TBU-Sg.Buloh - northbound buses
  • TBB-Shah Alam - Klang Valley bypass, airport buses
  • Puduraya - Short distance intercity buses plus staging area for stage buses
  • Hentian Putra - RapidKL City Shuttle & stage bus staging area & parking area for private vehicles
  • Pekeliling - RapidKL City Shuttle & stage bus staging area
  • Hentian Duta - RapidKL City Shuttle & parking area for private vehicles

Cheers, m
It still doesnt become clear to me, "New Millennium" Puduraya (I wish they re-name the place to something new and vibrant to indicate it is being re-vamped) serve which destination, and the BTS-TBS serve which destinations? what differentiate the two?
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