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"Vacate-build" project in Even Gvirol st.!!!

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someone read in "HAIR"(the city and not the hair) that they are going to destroy 14 buildings (low rise) in the complex of Tzeitlin,Dubanov,Mana and Even Gvirol streets,"Africa-Israel" company is going to build there a new project "Savionei haKikar",they will build 14 new buildings 6-8 floors and they also proposed in Even Gvirol to build 2 towers 40 floors

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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just to think of the traffic problems it might cause.. dont think it will happen.
and somebody has to tell africa-israel to stop stuffing "savyonei" in all their projects, theres other flowers besides savyonim...

look at the list
Ginot Savyon Rehovot
Kiryat Hasavyonim
Lev Savyonim
Migdalei Savyonim Yehud
Neve Savyon - sold
Savyon Tower – Ramat Gan
Savyoney Haemek
Savyoney Kfar Saba
Savyoney Netanya
Savyoney Netzer Sireni
Savyoney Ramat Aviv
Savyoney Ramat Gan
Savyoney Yam

"Migdalei Halavluv"
Daber Halash..
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lol :hahaha:
The two 40 floor towers seems interesting, a very nice project.
40 flors is not ok for even gvirol, too high also gan ha-ir is too high must stay lowrise
Dubanov is near to high-rise it's ok,i think
I saw today arender of this project at the newspaper.
somone can scan it ? and load it here ?
it's nice?

go to some internet club and do it,pleaseeeeeeeeee
thats the render in poor quality from the newspaper

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^^i like it
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