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Hiranandani Palace Gardens | Vadakapattu | Residential|28x4|27x4|15x6 |Under Construction

  • Website :
  • Builder :Hiranandani Group
  • Master Planning:HOK Planning Group
  • Architecture:Hafeez Contractor
  • Towers: 28Fl x 4 , 27Fl x 4, 16Fl x 6, 9Fl x 2, 4Fl x 10
  • Location:Vadakapattu Village, between NH 45 (GST Road to South) and NH 4
    (Chennai Bangalore Highway).

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Living in Palace Gardens Amenities
  • Open space

    Within Palace Gardens you'll enjoy gorgeous neighbourhood parks, community spaces, clubhouses, rolling terrain, lush gardens and children's play areas linked by an extensive bike and trail system. Over 175 acres are devoted to parks, gardens and open green spaces.
  • Elegant Living

    The elegant residential towers house a range of luxuriously appointed apartments whilst low-rise buildings feature comfortable garden apartments. You'll find stylish comfortable homes for all tastes and budgets.

  • A World-Class School

    Palace Gardens will meet the educational needs of your children, from kindergarten, through higher secondary level. The Hiranandani Foundation School amenities include modern laboratories, high-tech computer rooms, playgrounds and much more. The school will follow the CBSE curriculum.
  • Your Own Family Hospital

    At Palace Gardens you will find a complete self-contained hospital and a state-of-the-art emergency medical response unit. Our carefully planned hospital environments comfort patients and their families, whilst providing medical staffs with the most technically advanced equipment.
  • Shopping Options for Every Budget and Mood

    From shops and boutiques to wholesale markets and modern malls, Palace Gardens is a shopper's paradise. You'll find international brands and bustling food courts and whether you are shopping for day to day necessities or the finest luxury items, there's no need to leave Palace Gardens.
  • A Leisurely Lifestyle

    Family entertainment centres, daycare centres, club houses and swimming pools are features of Palace Gardens. You'll also find jogging tracks, sports courts and children's play areas abound so that you are never at a loss for something to do with your leisure time.
  • A Self-Sustaining Community

    At Hirco, we are sensitive to ecological sustainability and Palace Gardens will benefit from rain water harvesting, waste recycling and its own power substation to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

    All the roads within Palace Gardens are designed on the basis of intelligent traffic analysis and provide ample capacity to manage the ebbs and flows of traffic during each 24-hour period.

    There will be a digital phone exchange, petrol station, post office and emergency services. Wherever you are in Palace Gardens, you're never far from schools, a hospital, banks, great shops, cafes and every type of leisure facility. Our unparalleled 24 x 7 security systems and services will ensure that your family will always feel safe.

    There's more to life in Palace Gardens—designed to meet your family's every need. Enjoy a community that provides a new lifestyle for every generation.

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Hirandani simply is omne of the moast boring highrise developers who are building all across the country. They simply need to innovcate their designs and get rid of those squarish pile ups. What is the po9int in adding a dome at the top when they don't seem well integrated with the rest of the squarish design.

resU deretsigeR
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Hiranandani has this cookie-cutter designs that they are spreading all over the country and the more they do it, the worse it looks(and it looked pretty bad in the first place).
maybe time to move away from the 'formula' and try something different :dunno:

I love you Rasna!!
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Appears Hiranandani has got approval for the 27-storied building at their Palace Garden project site. The following buildings have been presented at their website:

Wilton = S + 27 stories

Belvoir = S + 15 stories

Chartwell = S + 15 stories


What about the rest of the buildings previously mentioned in the project?

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Hirco Reports Solid Results in First Full Year; Preliminary results for the year ended 30 September 2008

Hirco PLC (AIM:HRCO), the investment vehicle for Hiranandani, India's largest developer of mixed-use townships and the country's largest residential builder, today announced its audited fiscal 2008 year-end financial results for the full year ended 30 September 2008.

Fiscal 2008 Highlights

-- Profit after tax was GBP 75.1 million, representing earnings per share of 98 pence based on 76,526,984 shares outstanding.

-- As of 30 September 2008, Hirco's Net Asset Value (NAV) on a per share basis had risen 98 pence to GBP 7.12, compared with GBP 6.14 per share at 30 September 2007. The increase in NAV is mainly driven by an increase in the value of Hirco's investment in the Chennai Residential, Chennai Commercial, Panvel Residential and Panvel Commercial projects. As of 30 September 2008, the value of Hirco's investments in these projects was GBP 472.7 million.

-- The new valuation represents a 34.7% increase from the total acquisition cost of approximately GBP 350.8 million.

Recent Developments

-- In September, Hirco announced that sales of residential units in Phase 1 of its Hiranandani Palace Gardens township developments in both Chennai and Panvel were significantly ahead of planned performance both in terms of volume of units sold and the level of pricing achieved.

-- Chennai: As of 31 August 2008, sales consideration for the Chennai residential township had been accepted on approximately 1.8 million square feet of buildable area at an average price of INR 4,073 (GBP 47.69) per square foot. The value of sales contracts in the Chennai township was GBP 93.6 million.

-- Panvel: As of 31 August 2008, sales consideration for the Panvel residential township had been accepted on approximately 1.6 million square feet of buildable area at an average price of INR 4,214 (GBP 49.95) per square foot. The value of sales contracts in the Panvel township was GBP 81.9 million.

Niranjan Hiranandani, Chairman of Hirco PLC, said:

We continue to make substantial progress in the development of our Hiranandani Palace Gardens mixed-use townships in Chennai and Panvel. At both developments, we are seeing consistently strong pre-sales of residential apartments, which confirms our view that housing affordability in India is still improving and demand continues to grow.

"We are achieving this solid progress against a recent background of difficult global market conditions and slower economic growth in India. Our success, even in weaker markets, is due to our high-quality township developments, all of which are strategically located in well-connected suburbs near India's largest cities and remain highly desirable even when the economy weakens.

"The supply of quality product in the Indian market is limited, so demand for the type of high-quality product we offer continues to grow at a faster pace than our ability to release product onto the market. Today, Hirco's developments in Chennai and Panvel are benefiting by exploiting this "flight to quality" phenomenon. Even as signs of economic strain appeared in India during the second half of our fiscal year, we pre-sold 1,234,052 square feet(1) of residential space, while continuing to command steadily increasing prices. We believe affordability and the level of demand will remain high in the sub-$200/per-square-foot quality residential market in which we primarily operate.

"Hirco has a strong balance sheet, no debt, access to the funds needed for further development and construction, and a strong development pipeline. As a result, we are very well positioned to execute our growth plans for the future."

The Board remains mindful that the Company's share price represents a significant discount to net asset value. The Directors strongly believe that the market capitalisation materially undervalues the Company and its prospects; they keep this situation under constant review and are actively considering options to address the imbalance.

This preliminary announcement was approved by the board on 8 December 2008. News/2072706/

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Hirco Reports Strong Residential Sales at Its Chennai and Panvel Townships

Hirco PLC (AIM:HRCO), an investment vehicle for Hiranandani, India’s largest developer of prestigious mixed-use townships, Hiranandani Palace Gardens township developments in both Chennai and Panvel today announced that sales of residential units in Phase 1 of its Hiranandani Palace Gardens township developments continue to be robust both in terms of volume of units sold and the level of pricing achieved.

As of 31 December 2008, sales consideration for the Chennai residential township has been accepted on approximately 2,044,618 square feet at an average price of Rs 4,192 per square foot. This represents an increase over figures reported in September of 1,838,332 square feet at an average price of Rs 4,073.

Sales consideration for Hirco’s Hiranandani Palace Gardens residential township development in Panvel, located in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, has been accepted on approximately 1,631,047 square feet at an average price of Rs 4,278 per square foot, as of 31 December 2008. This represents an increase over figures reported in September of 1,555,554 square feet at an average price of Rs. 4,214, and includes 62 percent of the units that have been released by the Company for sale to-date.

Niranjan Hiranandani, Chairman of Hirco, said: “We are delighted to post our sixth consecutive quarter of sales momentum in Chennai, and our third consecutive quarter of growth in Panvel, which is a reflection of the superior quality of our product and high standard of living our townships provide. However, we are frustrated by the several publicly disparaging assertions made about Hirco by Laxey Partners and are particularly anxious that such remarks are causing harm to our business and are of great concern to our customers. We are committed to the projects’ profitability and continue to work closely with shareholders to find the optimal solution for all of them.”

Both the Chennai and Panvel townships offer a range of apartment sizes and styles designed to appeal to employees of major international companies located within the respective township’s catchment area.

The townships are being constructed over three phases, all building to a unique master plan. Hiranandani Palace Gardens townships are self-contained and well-connected communities with modern offices and residences, schools, health care facilities, hotels, retail centres, recreation facilities, and parks, gardens and other public space. The townships are strategically located along business growth corridors of Chennai and Mumbai and have easy access to international airports, the national highway system and rail transport.

Hirco’s combined commercial and residential site in Panvel is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which will provide tax advantages for both the Company and occupants of the Panvel development. India’s SEZs are specifically delineated, duty-free enclaves that are deemed to be foreign territory for the purposes of trade operations and duties and tariffs. SEZs were introduced in India to provide an internationally competitive and less complicated environment for exports.

About Hirco

Hirco PLC is the investment vehicle for Hiranandani, India’s largest developer of prestigious mixed-use townships for the country’s increasingly affluent middle class. Our modern, large-scale developments – combining high-quality residential, commercial and retail components with green space and social and recreational facilities – are strategically located in suburban areas outside major city centres. Hirco’s four current projects – in Chennai in southeast India and Panvel, in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region – feature a combined total of 66.4 million square feet of buildable mixed-use space.

Hirco PLC shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) under the symbol HRCO. At the time of its admission to trading on AIM in December 2006, Hirco PLC was the largest-ever real estate investment company IPO on the AIM and that year’s largest IPO on the AIM.,687829.shtml

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Hirco bounces back in second half

HRCO - Hirco

Latest Prices
Name Price %
Hirco 197.00p +7.36%

FTSE AIM 100 2,895 0.00%
FTSE AIM All-Share 649 +0.28%
Real Estate 1,997 -0.37%

LONDON (SHARECAST) - Indian investment vehicle Hirco moved back into profit in the second half of its financial year as the Indian economy began to pick up.

After posting an after-tax loss of £30.9m at the interim stage, the township developer made a profit of £13.2m in the six months to 30 September. Loss after tax for the full year was £17.7m.

Net asset value per share increased to 689p from 672p at the halfway stage, but was down from 712p at the end of September 2008.

The value of Hirco’s investments at the end of September was £414.6m, down £58,1m over the 12-month period but still higher than £350.8m the company paid for the assets.

‘The rising confidence in the second half of the year that the worst was over for the Indian economy translated into strong increases in both sales and sales enquiries in the last quarter. We also continued to make steady progress in the construction of phase 1 of our developments, with the first residential buildings in the Chennai township expected to be ready for delivery in the next several months,’ said chairman of Hirco, Niranjan Hiranandani.
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