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A few photos of the city of Valencia, third spanish city, taken from the Hilton hotel tower, 30 floors and 117m high.

I have marked in yellow the room in wich I stayed, and in orange the terrace from where I took part of the photos:

View from 25th floor:

Construction of the new Valencia football stadium , behind the Ademuz towers:

Looking towards the city centre:

More detail:

Though from here it doesn't seem so, there are plenty of gothic, baroque and modernist architectural gems hide among the surrounding taller buildings:

Sorolla Center, and Congress Center:

Valencia exhibition centre:


Looking down from 26th floor:

Next morning:

Cortes Valencianas Avenue:

Terrace on the 26th floor:


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Very impressive - how many people in the metro area?
The estimated population of the city of Valencia proper was 810.064 as of 2007 official statistics. Population of the metropolitan area (urban area plus satellite towns) was 1,738,690 as of 2007.
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