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Vancouver: Car Free Day

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Hi all, here are some pics from "Car Free Day" in Vancouver yesterday. Essentially it is a day every summer where several prominent streets around the city get shut down to car traffic and turned into pedestrian malls with markets, music, performances etc. I believe people are trying to get this to become a more common occurence, such as during every Sunday throughout the summer. I went to the one on Commercial Drive.

Some info about the event:

My pics:

I didn't quite understand what the story was with this roller derby thing

One thing I loved was how many different bands there were playing all sorts of different styles of music representing a wide range of cultures

I'd say she was a fan of the music

This guy was great

He could pretty well balance anything anywhere

There was a little side street called the "Healing Garden" where there were a bunch of stalls setup to showcase alternative and new age "healing" techniques

This woman was getting some sort of smoke feathered onto her

There's nothing quite like a session of "sound healing"

More live music

Dinosaurs don't like freeways

Some jumprope action

Some intense dancin goin on

The end.
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Thanks for the comments guys. I'm surprised to hear your comparison, pixel2008, but whether accurate or not I'll take it on behalf of the city as a compliment as I love the Notting Hill area of London. :)
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