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Henriquez Partners Architects has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop on this site, consisting of:

• Two mixed-use buildings; one comprised of one 32-storey tower (Building 6) and one 17-storey tower (Building 7) containing a total of 329 Dwelling Units; atop one podium containing Retail/Office Uses, and the other comprised of one 34-storey tower (Building 8) containing a total of 286 Dwelling Units; atop one podium containing Retail Uses; all over three levels of underground parking;
• A portion of the future 9-acre Park along with a two-storey accessory building containing Retail Use;
• A total Floor Space Ratio of 0.95 (approximately 108,862 m²); and
• A maximum geodetic building height of 186.29 m for Building 6, 143.90 m for Building 7, and 191.90 m for

5931 Cambie Street (Oakridge Vancouver)

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