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Vancouver's second tallest tower after Shangri-La: Ritz Carlton

On June 8, 2005 the City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel unanimously approved the development of the new design - the city's newest and second tallest skyscraper, 1153 West Georgia. To be located on Vancouver's West Georgia Street in the Central Business District, this slim, triangular, elegant 183-metre/600 foot tower rotates 45 degrees between its base and its roof.

1133 West Georgia will be a mixed-use building, consisting of a 5-star, 200 room hotel (Ritz Carlton Vancouver) and high-end residential units. The recreational and spa amenities will be accessed by both hotel and residential users. Beginning at level 7 there will be 18 levels of hotel units. Level 25 contains mechanical equipment. Beyond level 25, all floors contain residential suites, primarily one and two bedroom units ranging from 500 to 1000 square feet, with larger suites on the upper floors. The top two floors contain two-storey penthouse suites that, in addition to open balconies, will enjoy very large green private terraces on the roof level. Balconies and roof terraces are defined and protected by horizontal and vertical extensions of the curtain wall glazing of the tower.

1133 West Georgia is designed by a collaboration of Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership, Davidson Yuen Simpson Architects and Arthur Erickson, design consultant.

Construction will commence in mid-2007 and will end in early-2010, with most of the structure ready for the 2010 Olympics.

- June 7, 2005: Arthur Erickson, working with architects MCMP, designs a slim, triangular shaped glass tower which appears to twist 45 degrees from bottom to top, calling it "hyperbolic paraboloids".
- June 8, 2005: New "twisted" redesign unanimously approved by UDP as 'stunning, evocative, and beautiful, complementing Living Shangri-La' across the street. Application for rezoning from DD to CD-1 reviewed.
- Similar in design to Sweden's HSB Turning Torso.
- Features a 5-star, 200 room hotel and high-end residential units with the top floors containing two-storey penthouse suites.
- From level 7 there are 18 levels of hotel units.
- Level 25 is a mechanical equipment floor, followed by residential units all the way to the top.
- Construction will commence in early 2006.
- Solar tubes on the roof help cut the building's power demands by up to 30 per cent.
- The 'palm court' public plaza is lit at night by fibre-optic lights embedded in the pavement.
- The costly design went through its sixth and final revision - window mullions and structure - during late June 2006.
- In July 2006 the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain was expected to announce its participation in the project.
- Height is 584 feet to top of uppermost floor and 600 feet to the the tip of the architectural highlight mechanical penthouse.
- The 51 enclosed balconies amount to 6,265 sq. ft.
- Ritz Carlton will be the operator of the hotel.



Tallest tower: Shangri-La Vancouver -
Second tallest tower: Ritz Carlton Vancouver - future website:
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The site of Ritz Carlton is an unfinished skeleton of a building, one of Vancouver's worst eyesores:

The original nine-storey office building was built sometime in the 1960’s. In 1994, permits were issued to strip the existing office building of its exterior walls and interior finishes and to change the use of floors one through six from office use to a fitness club known as the “Newport Beach Club”. After work began, for unknown reasons, construction was suspended, with cranes, tarps, railings, etc left intact. After a while the permits expired. The site would sit as a vacant and derelict building for many years.

However, in the last few weeks, preparation work for demolition has begun to make way for the new helical tower:

Main elevator lobby:

Lobby, looking Southeast:

April 26, 2007: Preparation work for demolition finally begins:

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The concept is not new but the result is still good anyway.Great addition to Vancity!
beautiful! gunna have to go to vancouver soon... just to stay in all these pretty new hotels...

toronto still wins though.
Looks great! Great to see vancouver getting taller! can't wait!
I'm not really big fan of twisted skyscraper but this time is very well designed and very impressive! I'd say... GO FOR IT! :banana: :banana: :banana:
Nicely designed building. It seems that twisted skyscrapers are the in thing at the moment. Good to see that gloomy, slimey piece of shit going, it really does looks bad.
Does anyone know why the first developer in the 60's just left it like it is?
Very good but still way too short...Vancouver needs to lift the height limit to 230-250m...
1133/1153 West Georgia demolition work - May 11, 2007

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As long as they don't touch my dear 1201 West Georgia they can keep creating an awsome skyline. Shangri-la looks nice but Ritz Carlton looks better.
it could have been much impressive if it was taller. its a great complement to the skyline though!
Taken yesterday
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That is great. Been ten years since I was last there so I can imagine alot has changed in that time.

Would love to head back and see whats changed
amazing tower! i like it a lot! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
The view of Shangri-la and the Ritz Carlton twisted tower from the Lions Gate Bridge. Note the towers should be a little taller. Ritz Carlton is located in front of the Shangri-la in this panorama.
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^^ WOW BEAUTIFUL SKYLINE! One of best skylines in the world! :cheers:
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