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Vancouver's Eclectic Eastside | Part II

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Hi all, here is Part 2 of 2 of my eastside neighbourhood tour. To see Part 1, go here:

Once again here is the map of my journey:

When I last left off, I had just entered the Strathcona neighbourhood, Vancouver's oldest residential neighbourhood...

Some mosaic tile of the 22 bus...

And right as I turn around, what do I see... ?

And now into the heart of Strathcona

And a quick stop at this corner store for a root beer and chicken samosa

Strathcona is a popular neighbourhood for artists...

...and cyclists

And with a sudden I'm in Chinatown

Looking towards the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood

It seemed obligatory to take a photo of Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant

And now I quickly cross through the Downtown Eastside on my way to Gastown

New neon sign for the Pennsylvania Hotel

Now in Gastown

Some newly renovated buildings

Some new highrise construction in the neighbourhood

More renos

Looking into the CBD

Westcoast Express commuter train

Looking back at Gastown

The End.

To see Part 1, go here:
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This looks like a city that I would enjoy. Beautiful, dynamic and interesting!
When did they start putting Chinese on street signs?

Nice pics!
Very nice set of photos too; i saw the sign above about coyote alert... coyotes are in deserts right, no in populated areas... :dunno:
^You can actually find coyotes all over Metro Vancouver. They live in large urban parks and on the outskirts of development such as in the mountains. You can see them in the suburbs and in Vancouver proper. Apparently some live in Stanley Park as well so presumably you could come across one downtown even. I've seen them several times, usually wandering on streets near parks in the early morning but I also saw one wandering down my street at night when I was younger. They often eat people's cats, at least in the suburbs where I grew up that was a relatively common occurrence. Not all coyotes live in the desert as The Road Runner Show would have you believe.

There is actually quite a bit of wildlife that lives in the Metro area (beavers, raccoons, skunks, opossums, coyotes, etc) or wanders in from time to time (bears, deer, cougars/mountain lions, etc.).

When did they start putting Chinese on street signs?

Nice pics!
They really just have Chinese on street signs in specially designated heritage areas like Chinatown and Strathcona that have historically had significant Chinese populations, and still do.
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I'm not a huge fan of wooden houses, but you have shown us some beauties, raggedy! Nice tour through the 'hood! :)
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