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lik it? :)

Vasco da Gama Observation Tower l LISBON l 145m l 3fl

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Vasco Da Gama Observation Tower
Lisbon, Portugal

HEIGHT: 145m
FLOORS: 3 floors

Built in 1998 to the World expo of 1998, this tower have 145 metres igh, people can reach to the deck of observation to take a view of the Lisbon new district call Nation Park, is architecture remember a candle of a ship, is for now close to the public until the summer :(

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It's amazing!!! One of the main marks of the modern Lisbon!!! :applause:
Lisbon, a beautiful city!
looks like sometimes the burj al arab of dubai
badguy said:
looks like sometimes the burj al arab of dubai
yup, good point of view :uh:
Here's another pic...
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I like it, 10!
The structure is similar at the Burj Dubai Hotel.
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