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Venice, Italy
Early September, 2010.


Public passage under the building

Public passage under the buidling, clearance around 1.7 m

People dancing on the square

Narrow passage

These signs are very helpful in the maze of street

Grand Canal, view from Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

Piazza San Marco

Empty fish market

Fish market

Casino di Venezia

Greek ferry

Eastern districts of Venice have more green areas


Less dense

Looks like inland ship

A broad avenue in the east of Venice

Towards Saint Mark's Square

Delivery of luggage to the hotel

to be continued..

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Bridge of Sighs

The Doge's Palace

Piazza San Marco

Wading in the water on the Saint Mark's Square

Crowds on the square

Bad crop;)

Chamber orchestra in one of cafes

Narrow walkway

Grand Canal

Grand Canal, view from Ponte dell'Accademia

Main way from Piazza San Marco to Piazza di Roma


Close to Piazza di Roma, one of the few wide streets in the city

Loading luggage on a motorboat, which delivers them to hotels


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I can't see the pics..

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^^ wait for pictures from ferry:

Bridge to Piazza di Roma

Boats are the main means of transport of goods..

..and people

Lot of hotels look poor

People waiting for ferry

Shabby buildings add charm to the city


The previous evening, the square was not flooded

The are plenty "Rialto" hotels in the World but only one next to a famous Rialto bridge

Rialto Bridge

Signs for boats be continued..

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and the last part:

Sign means 'canal for gondolas'

An oasis of tranquility in a city where vacant land is precious

Grand Canal is a crowded place

Luxury motor boat

Delivery of luggage to hotels


Keep your head
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This was clearly a "high water" day(s)...even though not so high. During "Acqua alta" usually S.Marco is several centimeters under water as it is the lowest point of the city

People shall really visit Venice only in's so much more pleaseant and less crowded and the atmosphere is just right.

Regarding floods: Italy is building a huge dam system along the 3 main entrance to the Lagoon to regulate the water: the dams will activate if the water is 110 cm higher than the average water, the level at which most of the city goes underwater (S. Marco is flooded if I am not wrong around 90 cm, but they are trying to improve that too with new higher sidewalks along the sea)
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