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What does a little SW French town look like ? Nothing fantastic ; yet one might find some interest in the following pics.

Vic-en-Bigorre is situated on the Echez river in the agricultural valley of the Adour river, North of Tarbes. It's mostly known for its high school where many sons of peasants used to study (my very own grand-parents in the 30s). It's now a dormitory town.

First circuit : the "suburbs"

I reach Vic from the West with one of the numerous channels :

Some sort of boulevard demarcates the inner centre-town from what could be labelled as suburbs. Let's enter the latter.

Little streets :

The road to Artagnan, a village North of Vic (from which originates the family of the infamous D'Artagnan) :

The Hospital (in a more Pyrenean style) :

Going to the Echez river :

The Echez river :

Plane-trees on the left bank of the Echez :

Some blocks on this bank :

Coming back to the right bank : the centre-town awaits us

The main-street :

The main square and the town hall :

The main avenue with channels :

Coming back to the main square with one of the seldom Monuments aux Morts dedicated to those who died in the 1870 war against Prussia :

The 1914-1918 Monument aux Morts :

We leave Vic : the next part will be about Rabastens-de-Bigorre.
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