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Obviously enough, Winter is not the best season for great photos ; yet I tend to believe that it's interesting to see what "time off" in the countryside is about.

We stopped in the Larcis valley :
Part I

The hamlet of Domengeux (February 2008) :

Corbères-Abères and its castle (once owned by Coco Chanel) :

We reach Bassillon-Vauzé where my grandmother was born :

Abandoned farms everywhere :

My grandmother was born here :

The Presbytery :

On the road to Lembeye (see BEARN in my sign for more pics) :

Here ends the "Black" tour.


The "Red" tour : pics were taken in February 2008.

The hamlet of Lannegrasse in Lespielle :

Vialer :

Conchez-de-Béarn also deserves a thread of its own : just going through.

Mont-Disse :

The Saint-Quitterie Chapel in Aubous : here, people used to pray in order to get babies.

Mont-Disse from Aubous :

Winter mist :

Castle Laplace in Aydie known for its wine and its Pyrenean dog :

Aydie in the background :

In Springtime :

Arrosès :

Lasserre :

Crouseilles (Springtime) :

Blachon one more time (see Part I) now with frightened deers running in the fields :

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