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This is my newest picture project.
Lots of people know the sights in Vienna's Inner City yet don't know that there are actually 23 districts in my city.
I am going to portray each and every one of the districts in this series to make you familiar with the Real World Vienna.
NEUBAU - 7th District

Area: 1,61 km²
Pop.: 30.300

Neubau is another "inner" district, quite a trendy one, too. A nice mixture of ethnicities, generations and architecture are the main features of Neubau, together with its lack of greenery (~2%):

Let's start with one of the highlights, the new Central library in the west of the district, between the 7th and 15th districts, straight above a semi-open-air subway line (U6):

The view along the Gürtel, the outer ring road. Right in front of the library, hidden under the roof, there's the tramway station. four lines stop here, connecting to the subway:

Westbahnstraße, facing East:

Kaiserstraße, facing North:

Burggasse, an important throughfare route from the (north-)western districts to the center:

It pays to sneak into some pretty yards, as well:

The district's council, if that's the correct english word for "Amtshaus".

An urban oasis:

Alright, alright, I got it!

Crossing Neubaugasse, facing North:

...facing South:

That greyish thingy in the background is another FLAK tower from WW2:


I really like this one. "Hemp culture" right next to "Disaster Clothing":

My new favorite Viennese square, Ulrichsplatz:

The Spittelberg, Neubau's best known quarter. Am immensely popular spot for dining, drinking and hanging out, all that in a beautiful setting.


Can I have all this, please?

Mariahilfer Straße, just to avoid complaints.

The view from the terrace of the restaurant inside the Leiner furniture shop:

The Museumsquartier to the left, the Museum of Natural History (in the first district) to the right.

The Museumsquartier is a former Imperial stable, reused as a modern arts center with a collection of museums, featuring some impressive conteporary architecture,concert venues and "cool" restaurants and bars. Pretty hard to describe it all...

The garden of one of my favorite restaurants in Vienna, the Glacisbeisl:

The Volkstheater, just across the street:

And now, let's go home:

Fire away. I'm eager to read your comments!
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