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This is my newest picture project.
Lots of people know the sights in Vienna's Inner City yet don't know that there are actually 23 districts in my city.
I am going to portray each and every one of the districts in this series to make you familiar with the Real World Vienna.
JOSEFSTADT - 8th District

Area: 1,08 km²
Pop.: 23.900

Josefstadt is Vienna's smallest district. By far, quite frankly. Still, it offers a nice bohemian attitude with a green touch. The Green Party is actually the one with most seats in the district's council. My kind of district. :cheers:

I'm sorry for the crappy image quality (overexposure) in the first few pictures, somehow my ISO was left set on 1600...

One of my favorite churches in the whole city:

A cosy corner on Bennoplatz:

A not so cosy corner:

One of the massive blocks of the AKH (General Hospital), Vienna's biggest and most renowned hospital (District 9, more of it next week, probably):


A line 5 tramway on its way from Praterstern (see District 2) to Westbahnhof (wait for district 15):

Schlesingerplatz, the district's council (or whatever the **** it's called in English, I still haven't got a clue;)):

Still ill...

How beautiful... and how poetic...

A lovely fin-de-siècle facade:

Josefstädter Straße, the major arterial street of the district:

Jodok-Fink-Platz, my mother's favorite square in town. (If that means anything at all...;))

The same square again:

I only found out later that or current Federal President, Dr.Heinz Fischer, is living in the house on the right. My original aim was to capture the spire of St.Stephen's church, the heart of Vienna:

One of Vienna's most traditional (and most conservative) theatres, the "Theater in der Josefstadt", not exactly showing off:

If you like historistic architecture, Vienna is the place to go. For most other styles, go elsewhere. :lol:

Taken from Schönbornpark:

Very moving prayers, all from the time after WW2:

Vienna's "leading" court:

Along the so-called "Zweier-Linie", this picture was taken from the 1st district, Josefstadt is on the right side:


Palestine's permanent mission:

Some kind of Commie-Block:


KTM, an Austrian brand:

What would left-wing extremism and right wing extremism do without each other? They'd be lost!

Roter Hof:





The Gürtel (which you just might know by now.)

Just one last look back and then I'm off to work on this gloomy Friday afternoon:

Thanks for watching. Please share your thoughts!

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If you like historistic architecture, Vienna is the place to go. For most other styles, go elsewhere.
I kindly disagree, even though of course historicism is predominant outisde of the first district in most older parts.

The vine villages, many left over old buildings from the original Vorstädte, (Baroque and Biedermeier), not to think about the first district...

My favourite personally however: Jugendstil

Ok... I am to serious on this however... giving my own two cents just because you made a joke ... :eek:hno: ;)

Once again, a great photo jorney... you are already approaching those parts of Vienna I know a bit...

PPS: **** Teutonia. Even though I do not really like Antifa extremists as well.

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What is this Teutonia thing?
A Burschenschaft. You knows one of those bunches of students (but not exclusively students) who like to have "Schmisse" in the face, believe in a "völkische Identität" in a "German nationality" for all Austrians...

Strache might be a well known Burschenschafts member, but he certainly is not the most extreme one...
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