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First zone of Nongtha project well underway

eposted from Vientiane Times
By Khamphone Syvongxay

The Nongtha Paradise Land project in Chanthabouly district of Vientiane has completed about 60 percent of the first zone’s basic infrastructure works like land clearance and marking out roads and building plots. This first zone, which covers about 15 hectares, will comprise hotels, a trade centre, parking, houses and apartments for sale and it is expected that the zone will be finished in 2015, according to the developer.

Apart from the structural building works the other jobs to be done in this zone are sludge dredging and removal, road construction, landscaping, tree planting and the establishment of the lake.

As part of the requirements of the investor, concreting roads, establishing drainage, a large part of the digging works, construction of embankments, the lake and the show villa will be completed before pi mai Lao (Lao new year).

The project will cause the transformation of almost 75 hectares of land in the Nongtha wetland area into an urban development that has essential infrastructure, houses, a resort, hospital, hotels, restaurants and tourist facilities incorporated into a leisure park at an estimated total cost of about US$250 million.

Most of the construction work in the three zones will be completed by 2020, and it is hoped that the development will bring in visitors and residents from within the country and overseas.

The project is an investment of the Ha Do Group from Vietnam which has paid the Lao government about US$1.65 million to compensate people who have lost land and houses to the development.

About 35 families in total are having to relocate and leave behind more than 100 plots of land.

The group holds a 50-year concession on the site, which lies within an area surrounded by Nongtha Tai, Neua, Dondeng, Phonsavang and Houayhong villages.

The project is one of many such developments taking place in Vientiane to further the overall socio-economic and residential growth of the city.

The land will become the first ecologically sound urban area in the heart of Vientiane. Over 60 percent of the land area is reserved for green areas and water features, designed to be open areas in harmony with nature while offering a full range of high quality service utilities.

The completed project will contribute to improving the environment, changing the urban landscape, creating a green, clean, beautiful, bright- at-night ecological urban city, and a safe, civilised and dynamic residential community to meet the housing needs and aspirations of all people.

After a tiring day of work or study residents will enjoy the calm, peaceful feeling relaxing in the island resort. The fresh water lake is an ideal place for walking, fishing or simply sitting and dreaming, enjoying some of life’s more precious moments.

Photo Credit: Vientiane Times
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