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USD 1.6 billion new urban be completed in the next 10-15 years.
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Vientiane residents showing skeptical on Thatluang Marsh development around Bueng Thatluang (Thatluang marsh) - Bueng Thatluang will be belonged to Chinese investor for 50 years .. while Lao government have kicked those people who live around (Thatluang Marsh) for generations [even the day of French protectorate] while paying meager compensation - after all Lao government is the real owner of the land so those who stay on the soil will be removed at any second without notice.

On the other hand, Chinese companies will soon build shopping malls, buildings for rent, public parks, trade center, market, commercial banks, and the places to distribute products from China for 50 years.

Thatluang Marsh development into That Luang Economic Zone will improve the image of Lao government yet it is the way to show that Lao government has sold out the land of Lao people - a big betrayal.
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any news from this project.

anyone have a detailed map of what is planned?
Little compensation for those who used to live around Bueng Thatluang (Thatluang Marsh), Nong Ping and Nong Tha
That Luang marsh to undergo development

The government plans to develop a new project in That Luang Marsh that will include parts of eight villages in Xaysettha district, Vientiane.

According to an announcement issued by the Vientiane Authority on February 26, the project will involve the construction of a reservoir, drainage and residential communities.

It is still unclear how large the land area required for the project will be and how many families will be affected.

However, an official involved in collating information on land ownership, Mr Phonsavanh Phonsaiya, told the Vientiane Times yesterday that officials are currently gathering information in this regard.

In its announcement, the Vientiane Authority prohibited any activity involving land in the That Luang Marsh area in the eight villages earmarked for the project.

The authorities have prohibited the sale, purchase, transfer of land use rights, excavation of soil for sale or the construction of any new buildings in the marsh area, according to an announcement published in the Vientiane Mai on February 27.

The eight villages are Huakhua, Nonsavang, Vangxai, Nonsanga, Nongnieng, Chormmany, Phonphanao, and Viengchaleun.

Mr Phonsavanh said the embargo is intended to ease the work of officials in charge of collecting information about land plots that need to be vacated to make way for the project.

The latest announcement replaces the previous one issued on February 11. It reflects a decision made at a meeting of the Vientiane Party's Standing Committee on February 14-15.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update March 1, 2013)
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