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Name: Vientiane New World
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In the next six to eight years people will see a new face of Vientiane as Don Chan Island along the Mekong River develops into a modern urban area complete with a pedestrian zone.

CAMCE, the Lao-Chinese joint venture developing the area, plans to invest over US$600 million to turn 42 hectares of Don Chan Island along the Mekong River in Vientiane into the first international residence area, the first international business centre, as well as an international cultural and tourist centre where Lao people can take their family, friends and loved ones to shop, dine and enjoy local and international movies.

The company will create for the public a shopping paradise, a food paradise, an entertainment paradise, as well as a travelling paradise. The shopping mall will be built alongside a pedestrian street and will accommodate Vientiane’s first international-standard cinema. All of these facilities will show the glory of Laos.

The mega real estate development project will give Vientiane a new face. For the first time in hundreds of years the Lao capital will have modern and tall buildings as in many other cities such as Bangkok, Singapore and even New York.

It is the aspiration of Lao people to see a capital city that is as modern as those in other countries. Many of the younger generation choose to work in Thailand, not only because they want jobs and money, but also because they consider the Thai capital to be modern and wish that Laos was as modern as foreign cities.

The project has sparked a great deal of public interest because of the work going on in the park.

Mr Viengvilay Volavong, an engineer from an architectural design company in Vientiane, says “I hope the project finishes early because I, as well as other Lao people, look forward to seeing this gorgeous city and parkland. In addition, we will be able to shop in air conditioned malls, eat food and drink in luxury restaurants, and watch movies in an international standard cinema.”

“As I am a local resident” explains Ms Malyphone, “I want to see more changes in terms of the economy, modernisation and globalisation. Laos has opened up to the world and I am sure that infrastructure, including this park, will create a new face and attraction for the country. It has an ideal location on the Mekong River, where people can gather to socialise, and sell and buy things.

“I expect there will be a lot of positive changes in this area, not only in terms of the economy, but also for tourism. I am positive that the park will enrich our lives as well as the country. This will help to build the reputation of the country and its citizens.”
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"Vientiane New World’s design moves by Lao style

(KPL) The Vientiane New World, which will be built in the heart of Vientiane Capital, has revised its design to be more Lao rather than western, Sales and Marketing Director of CAMCE Investment (Lao) Co., Ltd, Mr. Hao Chengsong said yesterday.

The amendment to the design is now complete and is being prepared for submitting to the Lao government for consideration of approval.

Mr. Chengsong told KPL News yesterday that people in Laos and oversea will touch the completed Vientiane New World in the Lao style by 2018.

“We will start constructing commercial and residential facilities (phase II) this year and expected to be complete by 2015. This site will be given to Lao government as a special gift of the government of China for the 40 th founding anniversary of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic,”said Mr. Chengsong.

He continued that inside the commercial complex there would be an international culture and tourism centre, which consisted of various business types such as tourist centre, Lao traditional shopping areas, restaurants where delicacies from Laos and southeastern Asia were available, cafes, bars, and KTV as well as cinema of international standard and shopping mall. It will become the most luxurious life centre, social and fashion centre in Vientiane.

In residential area, there will have international residential centre which composes of luxurious residence forms such as ASEM Villa, diplomatic apartment, service apartment and Glory Mansion, as well as urban residential facilities such as club, gym, swimming pool, international kindergarten etc. It will become Laos’ first international living area.

For the final phase, we will construct business centre which will consist of three types of offices including landmark office building, enterprise headquarter building along the river, and SOHO offices, as well as a five-star international-standard business hotel. It will be the best business platform for large companies and international organisation, Mr. Chengsong explained. The construction work of this phase will start in 2017 and expected to be fully complete in 2018.

Vientiane New World covers an area of 42 hectares with a planned construction area of over 700,000 square meters, it consists of walking street, shopping mall, cinema, enterprise headquarter buildings, modern office buildings, hotels, service, apartments and garden apartments. A city centre will lead Vientiane into the future.

Source: KPL Lao News Agency
January 09, 2013"
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Work On Vientiane New World To Start In April

The resumption of the Vientiane New World development project on the Mekong River is drawing closer, with construction slated to begin in April.

The development will be built alongside Chao Anouvong Park and between the ASEM Villas and the Landmark Hotel, on Fa Ngum and Don Chan roads.

The design concept for the complex has been revised slightly, and the area near Chao Anouvong Park will be on a low-rise scale in keeping with the area, comprising pedestrian walkways and a shopping and entertainment precinct.

Meanwhile the site between the Don Chan Palace hotel and the ASEM Villas is slated for more intensive development, and will include a commercial precinct with buildings up to 30 storeys high, bringing a modern face to this part of the capital.

The third section of the development, the area between the ASEM Villas and the Landmark Hotel, will become a medium density residential area including luxury houses up to three or four storeys high.

This riverfront site near Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane will be developed into a pedestrian precinct and shopping and entertainment areas.

Many people thought the development had stalled after the ASEM Summit, but in fact the plans for the precinct were undergoing revision and work is now set to resume.

The developers wanted to reduce the building heights to reflect the low rise character of central Vientiane and preserve the profile of the Mekong riverbank.

Sales and Marketing Director of CAMCE Investment (Lao) Co., Ltd., Mr Hao Chengsong, told Vientiane Times on Wednesday the developer is hiring an internationally renowned company to improve the design plans so that the development is more in keeping with the riverine nature of the area.

The developer will still stick to the existing plan regarding the timeframe and the cost of the project. A joint venture between Lao and Chinese companies, CAMCE Investment will spend more than US$600 million to build the project, which is expected to take six to eight years to complete.

The whole development covers an area of 42 hectares with construction to take place on over 700,000 square metres. The project consists of three main areas: the International Cultural and Tourist Centre, the International Business Centre and the International Residence Centre. The complex will feature stylish walking streets, shopping malls, cinemas, offices, hotels, serviced apartments and garden apartments.

The ASEM Villas were the first phase of the Vientiane New World project and were built to house delegates attending the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit in November last year.

The developer has pledged to plant trees and ensure that the project harmonises with the historical and cultural values of Laos to create a unique feature in Vientiane.

An underground car park will help to reduce possible congestion in anticipation of the many people who will visit the area.

According to CAMCE Investment Lao Co., Ltd., the Vientiane New World project will provide more than 5,000 direct and indirect jobs and contribute to the growth of the Lao economy.
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Laos ASEM Villas Officially Open

The ASEM Villas, which will accommodate heads of state and government and other delegates attending the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting
(ASEM) Summit in Vientiane next week, are now fully functional and ready for use. Construction of the 50 villas on Don Chan Road began in August last year. CAMCE Investment (Lao) Company, a joint venture between the Chinese state owned enterprise CAMC Engineering (CAMCE) and Lao Krittaphong Group, yesterday held a ceremony to hand over the villas to the government.

CAMCE Chairperson Ms Yan expressed appreciation to the Lao government and sectors concerned for providing support for the construction project so that it would be finished on schedule. She said the company would continue with the second and third phases of the project in the near future. The ASEM Villas are the first phase of the US$600 million Vientiane New World development on Don Chan Island, which will provide the capital with a modern business centre, shopping centre and residential area. CAMCE hopes to complete the entire project by 2020. The company says that after the summit is over, the stylish luxury villas on the Mekong riverfront will be put up for sale. CAMCE Investment (Lao) Company believes that Laos’ growing economy will result in increasing demand for international standard accommodation. It is expected that most of the purchasers will be ambassadors, multinational business operators, and the staff of international financial institutions.

The government has already deployed security guards and assigned officials to assist the ASEM delegates. A number of foreign embassy officials in Vientiane have already inspected the villas where government leaders will stay. All of the villas are fully equipped and furnished and are ready to receive visitors, said Ms Boulalone Vongdalasene, who is in charge of the team assigned to assist delegates staying at the villas. She said the Lao people should be proud of the fact that the country can offer this kind of luxury accommodation for overseas guests.
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The ground look beautifull, but who in laos will expect/accept living in such tall building???? I guess many flats will remain empty if they really build this!
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