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Vientiane | World Trade Center Laos | 150m | U/C

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The project covers an area of 11 hectares, the general plan as follows

1. Vientiane international office building: the height of building reaches to 150 meters, which will be the tallest building in Vientiane.
2. Luxury apartment: fashionable lifestyle.
3. Five star hotels: the highlight of Country image and City status.
4.Commercial and cultural street: new face of Vientiane and a large-scale city complex of shopping mall and commercial center.


WTC lies in the Capital of Laos P.D.R -Vientiane core area, which is about 685 meters from the main avenue of central urban—Lanexang Road, 1500 meters from the victory, 900 meters from Mekong River and 4500 meters from Wattay airport. The northwest of the project is adjacent to the traditional commercial zone, including morning market one and two. The west of morning market is close to Souphanouvong Avenue and Samseanthai Street which is outstanding commercial in Laos. The northeast is closed to Dongpalarn Road. Strong urban complex absorption capacity and large-scale commercial platform bring not only the flow of people, but also the commercial revolution of the Vientiane!


Go Laos!!!!
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Office Building Hall

Again !! Congatz
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Wow, an awesome project for Laos! Congrats!
I thought it was prohibited to build something higher than 7 floors in the city center
^^ thats what they always say, eg opposite uts library in sydney is a burnt heritage market they said no demolishing now they are digging, oh the irony
World Trade Centre takes shape

The most modern urban complex is under meticulous construction

With a higher number of foreign projects underway in Laos, it is a positive sign for achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals. Laos is putting much effort and challenging the government as well as the whole country to obtain the target. Even though the number of projects implemented in Laos is high, there are a few outstanding ones that are getting people talking.

The World Trade Center (WTC) is one of those outstanding projects that the public has paid a lot of interest in. WTC, a new image of Vientiane, will not be only a source of entertainment, it will play a fundamental role in contributing to the economic growth of the country.

While playing a key role in the Lao economy, the WTC project will open Vientiane business entrepreneurs as well as Lao business people to the world. It is not only an opportunity for business but is a revolution in life attitude for Vientiane residents as well as the region.

One of the influential factors for the growth of a city is the development of commercial sector. It is the first time that Laos will have such a luxury and large shopping centre comprising of full entertainment and beverage services, and many may have questions about its costs and benefits.

WTC is considered as a remarkable project for Lao International Development Ltd as well as for Laos. It is also believed the WTC project will drive Vientiane to a new era of modern urban development and will have a bright and profound effect on Vientiane. Despite the fact that the WTC is not yet officially born, the project has been one of the popular issues the public keeps talking about. With diversification of economic structure and urban commerce along with a growing economy, the pace of living conditions of the Lao people is expected to approach the world level.

The WTC under the Lao International Development Ltd is designed closely to connect life and business with the Lao lifestyle. So far, the project has completed a few parts of the first phase and will soon introduce the whole of Vientiane as well as the whole country to the large mixed-use complex from all over the world. After its completion, the WTC will become a new era which is full of a fashionable pace of life and high-end lifestyle with one-stop service.

After the project completion, it is expected the WTC will not only upgrade the urban image and commercial function, instead it will bring new colour to Vientiane residents. It will also promote Lao economic development, upgrade urban construction and create more jobs. It will be a great platform to support local products and bring more business opportunities to Laos. More importantly, it will push Laos forward to becoming a cosmopolitan city.
Construction of the WTC project office building started in early April 2012.

Source: Vientiane Times
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I get a feeling that this project is going to end up like the Star Rivers or the IFC 52.
Holy Holy! This is Laos?
My jaw just dropped so hard
I need to get my plumber to
get it off the floor
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