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Xaythong Villa - The Luxury house by the lake and golf life

Xaythong luxury housing project located near 3 junctions of Nongbuek and road 13 North, in the area of 12 hectares. 110 houses being developed in French style, it is characteried by water and two great free ring teams are formed around the central lake. The golf range separately lies in the east side of the base, provides services for the local residents and can also meet the demands of the people from other places, and is convenient for use.

Demonstrate pure French romantic style in the land of Laos and create the first pure French –style high-end detached Villa area in Laos that owns the landscapes of lake and Golf and the hard complementary equipment and soft environment. The base is closely adjacent to highway No13 and highway No.450, and is about 7km from Wattay International Airport, the only international airport in Vientiane, hence enjoying obvious traffic advantage.

Xaythong Villa is a template of French layout is divided into the villa area on the west side and the golf range area on the east side. Besides, the complementary commercial service facilities are situated on the north side of the base, and cover an area of about 3.15ha.This can provide residents with leisure , entertainment, and shopping one –stop life services.

Lakeshore is always the luxury territory of top circle, besides, this has been designed specially in Xaythong Villa. Xaythong Viila, stand by 7800 square meters beautiful lake, and 600 meters walking line are waiting for you at any time. Living here , means possessing gleaming lake, attracting overlooking of the lake all the enjoy lifetime.

Xaythong Villa surrounded by a golf range, occupied the unique golf zone of Vientiane. Under the brightest sunlight, most pleasant air and most stretch of grass, residents can enjoy the most aristocratic game and elegant athletics.

Xaythong Villa offers you attentive services- the instalment plan, this make you can enjoy the noble French lifestyle and free of payment worry at the same time. We now corporate with the May Bank and other cooperative bank, they will provide mortgage loans. Only 30% payment of the total housing fund should be paid at fist. Meanwhile, you have the private ownership of land permanently.
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