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How do find them?

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Vijay Stambh (Victory Tower), Chittaurgarh, India

Built in 1440.AD by Maharana Kumbha to commemorate his victory over Mohamed Khilji. This 9-storyed tower is adorned by sculptures of Hindu deities around. There are around 157 narrow steps leading to the terrace where the balconies give a beautiful top angle view of the whole town.

Another tower located close to the Vijay Stambh in Chittaurgarh:

Kirti Stambh

The tower of fame is 22 m high & has 7 stories, it was built in 12th century by a very rich Jain businessman. It was dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankar(one of the 24 great Jain teachers), and is decorated with figures of various tirthankars. A narrow stairway goes through seven storey of the tower to the top. The tower stands beside a small Jain temple.

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