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Vilnius - garden city

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Looking forward with a suspicion this will be very interesting thread!

Vilnius always was a city, well integrated into the nature.
Hmm, it somehow doesn't associate to me with integration in the nature. Commieblock districts you have is much more plain concrete jungle, than here in Riga, where they are planned with many green spaces in inner yards. Yes, Vilnius has huge intact forest areas inside the city borders, but those are separated, not integrated nature areas (imho, "integrated" means urban+nature together, at the same place).
I think all three Baltic capitals have a big share of nature / parks. If I'm not mistaken, 25% of Tallinn's area is green area.

And even in Riga, the most "cosmopolitan" city in the Baltics there's a lot of big parks and of course the greenery along the river.

Only thing I'm afraid of in Tallinn is that a lot of greenery exists on empty lots which might get turned into new developments. If you look at the modern downtown, there's already quite a lack of greenery in my opinion.
Vilnius is probably one of the greenest or even the greenest city in our region if we'll take a look at statistics but it does not mean that all the greenery is well kept and well integrated into the city structure. Actually it's quite far from it. Some 99.9% of green spaces in Vilnius are just completely wild areas. For example, these photos:

This is not how well kept trees should look like in the city, these are definitely not well integrated greenery, I would say that these areas just look half-wild.

Fact is even though there is much of greenery in Vilnius, Vilnius does not even have many proper, well kept parks.
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Now you just need a massive portion of roundup and a demolition company with a lot of time on their hands. J.K. :) thanks for sharing...
Thank you for all the interesting info and all the green photos...looks like a very nice place to live IMO :cheers:
1 - 20 of 85 Posts
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