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Vineland is a city in Southern New Jersey, on the Maurice River in Cumberland County. Vineland's population is just over 55,000. Vineland was settled in 1864, and became a borough in 1880. Vineland borough and surrounding Landis Township merged in 1952 to form Vineland city.

Vineland is a typical small suburban-style town. Vineland is actually the largest city in New Jersey, in terms of land area. Vineland is the birthplace of Welch's Grape Juice, and was the home of the Palace of the Depression. Vineland is now somewhat known for it's large percentage of Hispanic residents; about 30% of the town is some type of Hispanic, with Puerto Ricans making up more than two-thirds of the Hispanic population.

Houses on Montrose Street.

A house on Grape Street.

A house at the corner of 4th & Grape Street.

Houses on Grape Street near West Avenue.

Houses on Plum Street.

Houses on 3rd Street.

Businesses on 6th Street.

Businesses on Landis Avenue near 7th Street.

More businesses on Landis Avenue.

Businesses on Landis Avenue near The Boulevard.

Christ United Methodist Church on Landis Avenue at 7th Street.

The old Landis Theater on Landis Avenue. Landis Theater was built in 1937, and the facade dates back to the early 1960's.

A house on State Street.

Another house on State Street. The Puerto Rican flag flies alongside the American flag.

Houses on New Pear Street.


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Interesting. It looks more midwestern than eastern. I'm guessing it is because it wasn't settled until the 1860s. Does anyone know why it got such a late start?
Vineland most likely got off to a late start because it's in the middle of nowhere. It sits in the middle of pinelands, in what was once deep woods. Vineland is on the Maurice River, but I think it's too far upriver for navigation; Millville could be accessed by boats, so river and creek towns grew back then.

There is still a section of New Jersey that is mostly woods. This area is called the Pine Barrens. Legend says that the Jersey Devil lives in these woods. The Jersey Devil was said to live in the woods around Vineland as well, or any other heavily-forested and largely unpopulated area of New Jersey.

This area might look Midwestern to you, but it definitely looks like South Jersey to me. Most little towns and cities in New Jersey have that "Main Street USA" feel to it.
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