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Virgin warns over tilting toilets
5 May 2005
The Herald

PASSENGERS will have to put up with unpleasant smells on Richard Branson's new tilting trains for several more weeks, a spokesman said yesterday.

Faulty toilets on the Pendolino trains on the West Coast Main Line, operated by Virgin Trains, will not be fixed before the end of June.

Charles Belcher, Virgin's managing director, warned in an internal memo: "There may be some uncomfortable journeys if there is warm weather."

Problems, including locked loos, spillages and blocked toilets, have beset the Pendolinos since their September launch.

There have been air conditioning faults and one train hit a buffer at Liverpool's Lime Street station.

A Virgin Trains spokesman said yesterday: "In recent weeks there have been problems with some of the toilets on the Pendolinos, and this required some of them to be locked out of use pending adjustments and repairs.

"A number of technical problems have been identified by the manufacturer, Alstom.

"The toilets are being modified at the rate of five trains a week, and we will have completed the modification by the end of June."

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Seems as though there can be issues with rentention tank systems. Central Trains 170's which operate on the Liverpool-Norwich service often have issues with leakages and need to be locked.
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