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VISION: Time Squared 3015 - New York

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The tower grounds itself in the heart of the city that never sleeps: Times Square, New York City. The existing framework of Times Square take on a different, three-dimensional form, as the tower rises above it, driving the concept of Manhattanization to new heights. Peaking over a mile above the city, the tower pushes the boundaries of how vertical a skyscraper can be. When fully taken advantage of, Times Squared 3015 proves the skyscraper typology capable of fitting an entire city within itself.
Vertical farming, beach, mountain range, stadium, redwood forest, housing, and offices–destinations that are normally farther apart, are now stacked vertically. Each one of these destination zones consists of an individualized block or module, much like ¬ the different districts in a horizontal city. Open space is carved out of the south-facing side of the module for maximum solar exposure, regulating the destination environments within. This creates a series of L-shaped ‘living’ clusters — the city fab¬ric — that surround and integrate with the natural environment.

Located above and below the residential/destination modules are a series of retail-themed entertainment modules or ‘sky malls’ that draw upon the vitality of Times Square and extend the same excitement and energy vertically throughout the tower. Finally, using the idea of the skyscraper as makeshift observation deck, an enclosed city in the sky resides at the very top of the tower, providing dizzying views of the city within a city.
Circulation is handled by the main core, a massive elevator system/vertical subway that minimizes travel time by only stopping at the twelve major modules that make up the tower. From there, travelers need only use a series of secondary elevators / stairs to journey vertically within each module.

This vertical organization introduces a new kind of daily life. Farmers tend to vertical farms that take advantage of southern exposure and provide oxygen and sustenance to the tower’s community. Residents have a beach or a redwood forest right in their own backyard. A shopping mall or the latest football game are just an elevator ride away. All of these factors combine to create a lively and dynamic self-sustaining city experience for a rapidly growing future population.

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That's a vision for 3015, so we have to wait 1,000 years ... :lol:

In 3015, Times Square may be a giant skyscraper capable of sustaining a whole city.

That's the idea behind Times Squared, a concept entered in the eVolo Skyscraper Competition.

It redesigns Times Square as a giant skyscraper that contains homes, shops, offices, vertical farms, a beach, a miniature mountain range and a redwood forest. Basically, everything a human ever needs.

"Peaking over a mile above the city, the tower pushes the boundaries of how vertical a skyscraper can be," the team behind the concept said in a statement. "When fully taken advantage of, Times Squared 3015 proves the skyscraper typology capable of fitting an entire city within itself."

The idea is for humans to live in the giant tower and never have a reason to leave. This concept is not the first of its kind. Many architects and concept designers have illustrated similar cities of the future, ranging from Manhattan being covered by a glass dome to a city built completely underwater.

Times Squared did not win eVolo Magazine's Skyscraper Competition, but it was one of the honorable mentions. The first place was given to the Essence Skyscraper, which introduces the idea of a building's different floors having different habitats like a jungle, a mountain and a fish tank.
That's a vision but maybe they have a plan to build it soon :dunno:
God that looks amazing...something like a kid would build with a lego set...but one hell of a task for sure!
When I saw this thread I entered into a severe delirium. After rolling on the floor and sreaming "ooooh yeeees" like Paul Bearer for about a half minute I continued reading and found our this is a vision :gaah:

This building, is everything I ever dreamed of. If such a building would be built in the forseeable future it would be the crown, the pinnacle, the landmark of the 2010's boom, something this boom and all of New York desperately needs. It is so beautiful to my eyes, yet so sad that it is but a vision :sad2:

I'll chunk this into Architecture so people can discuss this curious vision.
We will probably have smaller, much less elaborate versions of this in the coming decades. It will mean the final end of old New York because even a very small version will take over several blocks. No beauty,no elegance, no style, no imagination - just a temple of materialism.

That is very sad. But Manhattan is the island of skyscrapers and that dynamism will never change.

As for 3015: I think it is extremely unlikely the world will still be supporting life. But that is another story.
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There will never be an end to "old new york" because most of it is illegal to demolish.
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