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Hi Italians!

I posted this thread already in the European skybar but they adviced me to better post here, hope you don't mind ;)

My wife has to organize a congress in Milano end of August/Beginning of September and I will join her for a city tour for 2-3 days (Sat-Mon).

Shame on me, I passed the city many times in all my long life but never made it further than the Piazza in front of the Central Station. Bologna I know quite well on the other hand :)

Can you tell me, what to do and see in these days - absolut MUSTS! We are not party, football or shopping people (this is kind of the clichee of the Milanesi I guess ), but love to have a nice dinner or maybe some cultural things (live music, museums, sights, architecture, and especially restaurants ). Maybe you have also some nice pictures of things to see, would be great.

Thanks in advance


PS: I don't write or talk italian, but I understand a bit, so the advices or links could also be in Italian, if it's easier for you ;)

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Hi, Kuesel!

I'm sure that some milanese forumer will reply soon: there are a lot of nice places in Milan to visit & live, having a good time.

At the moment, i can suggest you taking a look at these picture threads about the nice Milan:
Milan - Photos 1
Milan - Photos 2
Historical pics of Milan
You can calmly ask how to reach some of palaces, churches or places portrayed in these threads.

I hope you'll have a good time in Milan.

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Hi Kuesel, I quote myself with what I wrote you on DLM:

Eleinad76 said:
When in Milan if you like museums I suggest you go to those two:

Biblioteca Abrosiana


To have a glance to the collections just click on the various "sala#".

For what it concernes restaurants you may find hundreds of them, but you can have a very good typical milanese dinner at (40-50€ per person including wine):
"Il girarrosto", Corso Venezia 31 Milano
"Antica trattoria della Pesa", Viale Pasubio 10 Milano

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Dear Kuesel
I advice you that in case you would like to visit the last supper a reservation is needed. i think you can find the phone numeber in the net and call, because the place is open only to small group of people.
In the night you could have a nice walk along the "Navigli" which are ancient canals: a typical landscape of Milan, especially during aperitive time.
Dont' forget one of the wonderful Ice cream shop you can find everywhere. For Example Gelateria Marghera in Via Marghera, may be the best ice cream you have ever had.
A must should be a coffe at the last floor of "La Rinascente" a shopping centre just in front of Milan cathedral, where you will have a wonderful view over gothic pinnacles of the cathedral itself. If you have the time, a walk over the roof of the cathedral is also very interesting.
As concerns museum i like very much Poldi Pezzoli Museum a small museum which was house of an earl during the last century. It is a typical old aristocracy house and it has an outstanding atmsphere. have a nice time in Milan
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