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I put two articles in one thread (how original) :D


Suzuki warns about 'crazy' population rise
City News - 31/3/05
by Matt Oberheardt and Sue gardiner

South East Queensland's burgeoning population growth has been branded "crazy" by one of the world's most renowned environmentalists.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released last week show QLD's population grew 81,000 people or 2.1 percent in 2003/04.
Brisbane Attracted almost half of this migration tide 39,700 people - to be the fastest growing city in Australia.
Dr David Suzuki told Brisbane's business elite this month that the rapid influx of people to the South-East corner of the state was was placing massive pressure on environmental resources.
The popular Canadian environmentalist, who came to prominence with the television series the nature of things, was in Brisbane this month speaking at a QUT Business leaders forum and the international conference on Healthy Ageing and Longetivity.
He said sustaining such a massive population change would be difficult as Australia was already vastly overpopulated.

"We hear about people say growth is great, but this is just crazy." he said. "Anything growing stadily over time is expediential growth. Look at Brisbane - You are growing at 1000 people per week."
Dr Suzuki warned Business leaders and politicians not to take a short-sighted view in return for economic prosperity.
"We are using the biological capital that belongs to our children," he said.
"We need to see the problem before it's too late."
QUT urban and regional planning department lecturer Tristan Peach said Dr Suzuki's concerns were not exaggerated.
"We have to be aware of the impacts that are going to happen" Mr Peach said. "We can't just continue business as usual."
He said the effects could be reduced if residents learnt to lower their consumption of resources such as fuel, electricity and water.

"In the long term, it could really improve our quality of life," Mr Peach said.


Transit Centre on the Move
City News - 31/3/05

By Sue Gardiner

The Construction of a new $800, 000 Visitor Information Centre will start at the lower end of the Queen St. Mall in April and is due to be complete by August.
The Existing centre on Albert.St is to be demolished and relocated to the current site of the lower stage.
Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said Brisbane City Council had entered into an agreement with Queensland Investment Corportation(QIC) for the project.
"QIC is currently redeveloping a site fronting Albert. St which has provided the perfect opportunity to relocate the visitor centre and upgrade the public toilet facilities," Councillor Newman said.
"This will improve the overall precinct and it's visual amenity. "the New visitor centre will deliver world-class services, and design features of the facility with be well suited to Brisbane's unique subtropical environment" he said.
The visitor centre is operated by Brisbane Marketing and handles more than 35,000 inquiries each month.

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lol nikko @ "how original"

A new visitors centre is a good idea. The one we have now is... old and outdated.

And lol @ 'crazy' population growth. 1000 people per week is alot, agreed.

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When I read that article I started to wonder whether Mr Suzuki or Mr Peach considered that the steps that council and State Govt. are currently taking are enough, because I wouldnt have thought that the last 6 months of decisions regarding infrastructure and the SEQ regional plan were business as usual. I am assuming that they dont consider that what the govt is doing or planning to do is enough but I wonder if they consider that these are steps in the right direction. So many of the news articles like this have experts saying that things need to be done but with very little direction given.

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crazy growth indeed. see the latest matusik report?
"Qld’s population grew by 78,600 people up to the end of Sept last year. Qld last year grew by 86,100 people. Victoria (yes Victoria!) remains the second fastest growing state/territory –fuelled by a increasing share of overseas migrants and now migrants returning home from a stint in Qld."
and QLD has declined in net migration over the last few qtrs since Mar 03 so i think Suzuki needs to look at Victoria and Melb now too haha

and the visitors centre... well what can you say.. atm it looks a bit dingy so a new one is a great idea! $800k in 4 mths though... they putting in gold fittings or something? haha
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