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Hello there,

Visnjan Observatory is one of world's most prolific discovery sites for small bodies in solar system.

Visnjan Observatory is located in the western part of the Istrian highlands, near the city of Porec, Croatia. Our efforts are directed towards quality science education and advanced astronomy research. In most of the projects, trying to combine the two.

During the year, Visnjan Observatory organizes a number of workshops and seminars, where students learn by actively participating in scientific research. We primarily target high-school pupils, but there are also educational opportunities for youngsters from kinder-garden to college. Small bodies of the Solar System, the technology connected to scientific instruments, and data processing are among the major fields of study at Visnjan.

During the last 10 years, Visnjan has had a continuous media and web presence. In order to reach a wider population of young people, we have designed our web site also in English. Even some of our participants come from neighboring countries, giving the program a truly international flavor.

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