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Viva gears for cheap flights race after Macau clearance
6 May 2006
Hong Kong Standard

Startup carrier Viva Macau will attempt to beat Oasis Hong Kong Airlines in a race to be the first in the area to operate discount flights to Europe and other long-haul destinations.

Macau recently approved Viva's operating license application, which chief executive Andrew Pyne said should enable the carrier to get airborne by year-end.

The airline is now authorized to serve 15 medium and long-haul routes. Pyne said Milan in Italy and some Asian routes will probably form the low-fare carrier's initial network. Further details are to be announced in the middle of next month. Other approved routes include the Maldives, Nepal and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Oasis Airlines, controlled by Raymond Lee Chuk-man and his wife Priscilla, received approval to fly from Hong Kong to Milan and London, as well as the German cities of Cologne and Berlin, in addition to Oakland and Chicago in the United States in March. It plans to start by flying to London in September and Milan later.

Both carriers have had to repeatedly push back their launch dates. Viva Macau was held back by protracted subconcession negotiations with incumbent Air Macau, which holds exclusive operating rights from Macau.

"We will compete with Oasis in Milan, but Viva Macau will have its strengths," Pyne said, noting that Macau International Airport landing fees are 35 percent lower than those of Hong Kong International Airport.

Flights between Hong Kong and Europe are often 90 percent or more full, said Dora Kay, head of international marketing for the Airport Authority Hong Kong. New players should help bring down fares, she said.

Viva Macau and Air Macau are to be joined by two other carriers, Golden Dragon Airlines and Macau Asia Express, a joint venture between Air Macau, Shun Tak Holdings and China National Aviation.

Helen Ko Chiu-bo, personal assistant to Golden Dragon founder Lam Kuo, said it has been granted approval to operate last week. Air Macau has granted the carrier rights to operate to eight mainland cities and two other Asian airports.

"We plan to have daily flights to Nanning, Shijiazhuang and Nanchang during the first stage," Ko said.

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Viva fails to fly under radar
16 August 2007

ASIA'S newest start-up airline Viva Macau has run foul of Australia's aviation regulator -- just hours before 200 passengers were to board the first flight from Macau to Sydney.

Viva Macau, owned by United States and Macau-based shareholders, planned to run three return services a week from the gambling hotspot, dubbed China's Las Vegas.

But the plan went awry last night when the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Canberra shut off access to Australian airspace for the airline's two Boeing 767 250-seat aircraft.

The reason was that an application was lodged too late, just 10 days ago, for a foreign-going Air Operator's Certificate from the Australian government.

BusinessDaily has also learned that AirAsiaX, a Malaysian-based budget airline part-owned by Sir Richard Branson which wants to fly long haul services from Queensland's Gold Coast from late next month, also has yet to lodge its AOC application.

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said airlines applying for an AOC were told it takes up to 130 days to complete all regulatory approvals.

"Some time ago we advised them (Air Macau) to get it (the application) happening. But they were slow in doing so," Mr Gibson said.

Janis Tse, the carrier's corporate affairs manager, said a major event at Sydney airport, planned for 10am today when the first aircraft landed, had to be postponed.

She added that arrangements were being made to compensate customers booked on the incoming flight and the return service out of Sydney.

Viva Macau is run by Con Korfiatisa, one-time Qantas executive and former boss of Jetstar Asia.

He was appointed chief executive in June after joining the airline last August as chief financial officer.

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Viva Macau aims for more flights, destinations in Vietnam
The Saigon Times Daily
17 June 2008

HCMC - Viva Macau has disclosed plans to increase flights to HCMC and launch new services to and from Vietnam given its encouraging results since the launch of its service in December 2007.

Con Korfiatis, chief executive officer of Viva Macau, told reporters in HCMC yesterday that the carrier expected to fly between HCMC and Macau daily by the end of this year when the airline had more aircraft.

The one-and-a-half-year-old airline Viva Macau now operates four weekly HCMC-Macau flights on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Korfiatis said the airline was busy in the early months of 2008 and that its current seat occupancy stood at around 50%. He expected a jump in the number of Vietnamese visitors to Macau, which is emerging as a favorite Asian place for leisure, sports, entertainment, concerts, shopping and international events.

He said statistics showed the number of Vietnamese visitors to Macau had gained double-digit growth since Viva Macau launched direct service between the territory and Vietnam.

“We have seen a significant rise in bookings of the passengers from Vietnam, especially tourists and guest workers, he said.

He said now might not be a good time for many Vietnamese people to travel abroad due to ongoing economic woes but hoped that more people would come to Macau when the airline offered attractive fares that make holidays in Macau more affordable.

The airline yesterday began offering 1,000 air tickets starting from US$20 for passengers in Vietnam to book on its website at or its newly-appointed sales agent in Vietnam, TransViet Travel Group, until June 23 for travel by July 31.

He said the airline had a range of air tickets starting from the promotional price to higher rates of US$20-30. He noted the highest fare for a single HCMC-Macau trip was about 30-40% lower than that sold by full-serviced airlines.

He said TransViet Travel would be an alternative for people to book air tickets and look for more information about Viva Macau. “We understand that not everyone in Vietnam has access to the Internet and credit card services to make online bookings.

Nguyen Hai, chairman of TransViet Travel, said his company would distribute air tickets for Viva Macau at its headquarters here as well as its agents and travel firms across Vietnam.

Hai said Macau was a good choice for people to spend their short-term holiday abroad. Therefore, TransViet Travel offers options worth from US$139 for airfares and hotel rooms as well as from US$199 for package tours.

Korfiatis said Viva Macau would continue to offer promotional fares to attract more visitors from Vietnam though the airline industry was struggling with tough times caused by higher fuel cost.

Korfiatis, however, said this market still held huge long-term growth potential as people’s incomes were rising and Vietnamese nationals could get visas upon arrival.

Korfiatis stressed Vietnam was not the market where Viva Macau only took passengers from, but the carrier also promoted it in Macau, Hong Kong, China, Japan and other markets where the airline was active. “People in the markets that we are operating are very interested in our products that combine Macau and Vietnam.

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Macau’s tourist attractions promoted in city
14 July 2008
The Saigon Times Daily

HCMC - The low-fare air carrier Viva Macau is working with tourism authorities and firms over a major campaign to promote Macau’s tourist attractions in Vietnam’s economic hub.

Viva Macau decorated a Macau corner at the Diamond Plaza in downtown HCMC last weekend to introduce cheap fares as well as attractions in the territory including A-Ma Temple, the Ruins of St. Paul’s Church, the Macau Tower, the Venetian Macao Resort-Hotel complex and others.

The major campaign will also be run at the Andong Plaza in HCMC’s District 5 from July 19 to 20 to further publicize what on offer to Vietnamese travelers when they tour Macau, which is also known as the “Las Vegas in Asia.?

Con Korfiatis, chief executive officer of Viva Macau, said the carrier offered cheap fares from US$20 for a single trip to Macau during the promotion campaign. The fare does not include tax and surcharges.

Viva Macau will give a free three-day tour to Macau for two persons to the luckiest of the customers who make bookings during the carrier’s first-ever publicity campaign in HCMC.

Korfiatis told the Daily last month that he expected a strong increase in the number of Vietnamese visitors to Macau as this destination was emerging as a favorite Asian place for leisure, sports, entertainment, concerts, shopping and international events.

Korfiatis said statistics showed the number of Vietnamese visitors to Macau had gained a double-digit rise since Viva Macau launched direct service between Macau and HCMC in December 2007.

“We have seen a significant rise in bookings of the passengers from Vietnam, especially tourists and guest workers.?

Korfiatis said Viva Macau planned to fly between HCMC and Macau daily by the end of this year when the airline had more aircraft. The carrier now operates four weekly HCMC-Macau flights on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

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New horizons for Viva Macau
Budget airline plans to double workforce and fleet size next year

6 December 2008
South China Morning Post

In the face of the global financial crisis and tough regulatory regime, Viva Macau Airlines is planning a major expansion next year in a bid to more than treble passenger numbers.

Chief executive Con Korfiatis said the budget airline had not realised its full potential in the past 12 months due to external factors including the price of oil, limited availability of aircraft and restrictions on adding new routes.

Mr Korfiatis said Viva had a five-year business plan that included adding up to four new aircraft each year. He said the airline, which is operating at a loss, was only flying the two 250-seat capacity planes it started with in December 2006.

The ambitious expansion plan will see Viva's fleet size and workforce more than double next year.

"Our shareholders understand that the airline industry is not one where you open the doors and profits roll in. We expected to lose money for a year or two," Mr Korfiatis said. "We have had profitable months and the loss has been in accordance with our business plan, but we do not want that to go on."

The introduction of new destinations and increased frequency on existing routes is designed to increase passenger numbers from 15,000 a month to more than 50,000. Despite the global financial downturn, Mr Korfiatis is hopeful of adding three new aircraft next year.

"Last year, with everything booming, it was difficult to find any new or used aircraft in the market and that had an impact on our growth, but the global economy is very different now," he said. "Customers seek value in times of economic difficulties, which means Viva Macau remains attractive and sought-after with its low-fare model."

Each additional aircraft will require at least 50 new staff, mainly cabin crew and pilots. Staff will be recruited from around the world, as there are not enough qualified people in Macau. The airline currently employs 160 people from 30 countries.

"The new year will see Viva Macau doubling its staff size, as we have planned to increase the frequency of our existing routes to Sydney, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta," Mr Korfiatis said. "We are considering launching additional ports in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Korea as well as new destinations in the Middle East, India and Russia."

Mr Korfiatis said finding staff, particularly experienced pilots, had been difficult and time-consuming, but the global economic crisis should ease the human resources shortage in the airline industry.

"With uncertainties and the global economic issues faced now, many airlines are downsizing and the pool of available professionals is increasing significantly," he said. "This is now an advantage for Viva Macau, as contrary to other airlines we plan to grow our airline significantly in 2009."

Pilots and cabin crew applying for positions must pass written and practical examinations based on safety rules set by Macau's Civil Aviation Authority. Technical qualifications are updated annually and cabin crew must undergo customer service training.

Despite being only in its second year of operation, Mr Korfiatis said Viva Macau offered competitive remuneration packages aimed at attracting "world-class candidates". He said human resources and Macau's aviation regulatory system were the biggest challenges.

"The fact is there is really not enough of an understanding of what an aviation industry should be and the role it needs to play in the development of the place," he said. "The multiplier effect that aviation contributes to the economy is massive."

Mr Korfiatis said authorities in cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore understood the situation very well and had developed regulatory regimes to create a strong, healthy industry.

"The regulatory environment in Macau is completely the opposite," he said. "It is not aggressive enough to promote the city."

The civil aviation industry in Macau is run by the government, which allocates flying concessions to carriers, much like it does with gaming licences. Viva Macau has a sub-concession and any new destination must be approved by the government and concession holder Air Macau.

"A concession environment is not appropriate for Macau or the industry," Mr Korfiatis said. "It needs to be promoting growth, especially in a city that is growing so fast, but it simply does not do that."

Mr Korfiatis said under the Macau regulatory system he was unsure if Viva would gain approval for all of the new destinations it planned to introduce next year. He said many of them were untapped markets, which meant that they should be approved, and he was confident of gaining approval for increased frequency on current routes and additional destinations to existing countries.

"All the routes we operate have shown signs of growth," he said. "Arrivals from Australia have grown 50 per cent, Vietnam 60 to 70 per cent, Indonesia 70 per cent and Japan about 35 per cent.

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Viva Macau considers service to Hanoi
8 December 2009
The Saigon Times Daily

HCMC - Viva Macau Airlines is looking for the opportunity to fly to Hanoi after two years of operating successful flights to HCMC, the low-cost air carrier’s chief executive officer Reginald Macdonald said.

“We are very keen in starting new service to Hanoi,Macdonald said in a statement released before Viva Macau inaugurated its new reservations and ticketing office at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel in HCMC yesterday.

Macdonald told the Daily after the opening that Viva Macau was evaluating the Hanoi market and expected to launch flights to the capital city soon.

“We would love to be able to start our service to Hanoi in time for the Tet holiday (Lunar New Year).

He stressed Vietnam was one of the best markets for Viva Macau and that the airline was looking to further expansion in this market.

“Overall, Vietnam is a country that is very good for us?That’s why we increased our frequency (to HCMC),he said.

Viva Macau started to fly daily between Macau and HCMC since July this year from its previous four weekly flights. “The number of passengers has almost doubled for Viva Macau’s both flights to and from Vietnam compared to the first half of this year.

Though Macdonald did not reveal the average seat occupancy of Viva Macau’s flights to and from Vietnam in 2009, he said the load factor of both business and economy-class seats was good and grew significantly.

“I cannot disclose the exact figures but I can say that we are quite happy with the market development and the increase as it is going to the direction that we want,Macdonald said.

He explained Viva Macau had attracted a lot of tourists. On top of that, business people of small and medium-enterprises in Vietnam are flying with the carrier to Macau to do business and more Chinese businessmen are coming to HCMC with the same purpose.

“So, we see good growth in both segments,Macdonald said. He referred to the opening of the new office at the Sheraton Saigon as a sign of the carrier’s growing commitment to Vietnam and part of its partnership with the five-star hotel on Dong Khoi Street in downtown HCMC.

Macdonald said Viva Macau and the Sheraton Saigon would cooperate in promoting their services and packages for leisure and business travelers from Macau and China to HCMC.

Macdonald said Viva Macau was about to launch more services to Japan and Australia to offer more connecting flights for passengers departing from HCMC. As scheduled, the airline will commence twice weekly service between Macau and Melbourne from this Wednesday and Sapporo from December 19.

Also yesterday, Viva Macau announced promotional fares starting from US$49 for a single trip between Macau and HCMC.

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Viva Macau says imminent service to Hanoi agreeable
20 January 2010
The Saigon Times Daily

HANOI - Viva Macau Airlines yesterday announced in a press conference in Hanoi that its soon-to-start service to Hanoi has generated overwhelming response since tickets became available for sale in December.

The airline will launch the direct service from Macau to Hanoi on February 13 with the inaugural flight already sold out, said a high-ranking representative from Viva Macau.

There will be morning, afternoon and evening flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between Macau and Hanoi, besides the operational service to HCMC.

“We are very excited to see the positive response from our customers. The Hanoi inaugural flight has sold out within two weeks,?said Reg Macdonald, CEO of Viva Macau, at the press conference.

“We are committed to serving and growing the Vietnam market. With the addition of the new Hanoi flights, we will cover the two major cities in Vietnam and provide better connections than ever before between Macau and Vietnam? he added.

Viva Macau pins high hopes on the increase of Vietnamese visitors who will have the option to transit via Macau to other Viva Macau destinations in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong.

Viva Macau Airlines is extending its special off-peak fares from only US$25 one-way (economy class) between Macau and Hanoi to celebrate the inauguration of the new service.

Business/Premium Class tickets are also available from US$199, excluding taxes and surcharges.

According to TransViet Travel, exclusive marketing agent for Viva Macau in Hanoi, the special Hanoi promotion is available for booking until January 25 for travel between February 18 and October 24.

Viva Macau Airlines operates direct flights from Macau to HCMC, Tokyo, Sapporo, Jakarta, Sydney and Melbourne.

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TWO DESTINATIONS FOR ONE AIRFARE: Easy Connections to Hong Kong on Viva Macau
Press Release

(1 March 2010) Macau SAR - Viva Macau Airlines, Macau's international award-winning airlines, today announced that Viva Macau passengers on the airline's Melbourne route will be offered free connecting ferry tickets to Hong Kong via the "CotaiJet" high speed ferry.

Book now with Viva Macau Airlines and you could be taking in the sights of Macau and catching the quick and easy 45-minute ferry ride to Hong Kong on the high speed "CotaiJet" departing from beside the Macau International Airport for free.

Dr Reg Macdonald, Viva Macau Airlines CEO said, "Flying with Viva Macau Airlines to Macau is ideal; now, in effect, you can reach Hong Kong with Viva Macau too! The Viva Macau offer, in cooperation with the high speed "CotaiJet" Ferry service, means Viva Macau customers can travel to Hong-Kong for FREE after their arrival in Macau".

"By offering our customers FREE return ferry tickets to Hong Kong, we are helping holiday budgets go further, so our customers can experience more while traveling. Passengers can redeem their CotaiJet ferry tickets by presenting their Viva Macau boarding pass stub and identification at Cotai travel desk in the world famous Venetian Macau, just 2 minutes from Macau International Airport by complementary shuttle bus" added Dr Reg Macdonald, Viva Macau Airlines CEO.

Do not miss out on this great deal available for all economy and business class airfares departing Melbourne. Save money and let your family see two of Asia's hottest destinations flying Viva Macau Airlines. Book your airfare today by visiting
Promotion Terms and Conditions:

* Sales from 1st March to 30th June for travel from 1st April to 30th June 2010.
* CotaiJet return ferry ticket is non-transferable and not convertible to cash.
* CotailJet return ferry ticket to be redeemed within 10 days from your flight date.
* Strictly 1 ticket per person and must present valid boarding pass stub and identification to redeem ferry ticket.
* Only valid for Melbourne-Macau route passengers (flight ZG9700)
* In case of dispute, the decision of Viva Macau or CotaiJet shall prevail.

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SAR Government activated Tourism Crisis Management Office to assist affected VIVA Macau passengers
Last modified: 2010.03.27 22:42:26
Government Press Release

The Macao SAR Government, after evaluating the operational situation of VIVA Macau, considered the company incapable of maintaining normal flight service. In consideration of public interest and to protect Macao’s image as a tourism city, the SAR Government this afternoon (27 March) activated the tourism crisis response mechanism and decided to sponsor the returning flight fare for Macao residents stranded abroad and foreign visitors stranded in Macao because of the incident.

The SAR Government would also assist passengers holding VIVA Macau tickets who have not yet embarked on their journey to rebook on other flights with a special fare.

Due to fuel payment issues, VIVA Macau’s flight scheduled for Jakarta at 14:20 today failed to depart, and the 121 passengers sought assistance from the SAR Government. Meanwhile, the SAR Government had also been notified by the fuel supplier that they have officially informed VIVA Macau that no further fuel will be supplied to their aircrafts. Thus, the SAR Government decided to activate the Tourism Crisis Response Mechanism.

The Tourism Crisis Management Office had discussed with representatives of relevant departments, the Macau International Airport, other airlines and tourism operators on contingency arrangements.

The SAR Government decided to sponsor the returning flight fare for Macao residents stranded abroad.

The SAR Government will also coordinated with travel agencies to follow up the arrangements for tour groups which had booked VIVA Macau tickets through Macau travel agencies and are stranded abroad.

The SAR Government will sponsor the returning flight fare for foreign visitors stranded in Macao because of the incident.

The SAR Government had also coordinated with other airlines to assist passengers holding VIVA Macau tickets who have not yet embarked on their journey to rebook on other flights with a special fare. The SAR Government urges all passengers to contact the airlines which have agreed to offer assistance for detailed information before heading to the airport.

The SAR Government is deeply disappointed and expresses regret that, having provided various assistance and support, VIVA Macau was still not able to overcome operational problems affecting a large number of passengers.

As VIVA Macau’s ticketing system is still in operation, the SAR Government appeals to all residents to fully assess all possible risks before purchasing.

Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) has set up a 24-hour dedicated hotline 28333088 in Macau for inquiries. VIVA Macau passengers outside Macau can also contact hotlines at VIVA Macau’s destinations for assistance.

The overseas hotlines are: Japan: 09032205564 (in Japan) and (81) 9032205564 (from Macau); Jakarta, Indonesia: (62) 21 83705913; Australia: (61) 2 82677212 (from Macau), 0282677212 (from Melbourne) and 82677212 (from Sydney). Overseas hotlines are operated in English.

In order to have more accurate understanding of the number of passengers affected, Macau residents are advised to notify their relatives and friends who are holding VIVA Macau tickets at the above destinations to call the respective hotlines to register with GGCT.

In addition, GGCT will also send out SMS messages to inform Macau mobile phone users with roaming service the related information and hotline numbers.

Latest information will continue to be uploaded to GGCT’s website: The tourism hotline 28333000 will maintain normal operation.

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SAR Government assists immediately affected passengers of VIVA Macau
Last modified: 2010.03.27 01:55:14
Government Press Release

The Macau SAR Government is concerned about VIVA Macau’s suspension of flight service due to operational problems and has taken emergency measures to assist over 300 immediately affected passengers.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was notified by the Macau International Airport that VIVA Macau, who failed to settle its fuel charge, has delayed and cancelled respectively its services to Jakarta and Tokyo today, causing over 300 passengers to be stranded at the airport. The SAR Government is very concerned about the impact this incident has on the passengers as well as the aviation and tourism sectors, and has taken immediate measures to assist the affected passengers.

Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) and CAA held a press conference regarding VIVA Macau’s suspension of flight service to announce the government’s contingency measures and the latest development of the incident to the public.

President of the Civil Aviation Authority Chan Weng Hong expressed that the SAR Government has activated the emergency response mechanism and coordinated related departments, Macau International Airport and relevant entities for urgent arrangements.

Chan Weng Hong pointed out that in order to offer timely assistance to passengers immediately affected by the incident, the SAR Government has coordinated with the fuel company to enable the flight which was scheduled to depart for Jakarta this afternoon (26) to take off at 10pm. Regarding the flight scheduled to depart for Tokyo this afternoon, the SAR Government has demanded VIVA Macau to fulfill its commercial obligation and VIVA Macau has promised to provide hotel accommodation for the stranded passengers.

The SAR Government urges all passengers holding VIVA Macau tickets who have not yet embarked on their journey to check on the latest situation before heading to the airport.

Chan expressed that the SAR Government will closely monitor the development of the situation and continue to provide assistance to affected passengers through the emergency response mechanism. If necessary, resolute measures will be taken when appropriate to assist affected passengers.

Chan emphasized that, as a responsible commercial entity, it is compulsory to cater well for its passengers. The SAR Government is deeply disappointed and expresses regret with VIVA Macau’s suspension of flight service due to operational problems having affected a large number of passengers.

Updated information about the incident will be released on Tourism Crisis Management Office’s website:

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Viva Macau bankruptcy hits 900 creditors in Vietnam
15 October 2010
The Saigon Times Daily

HCMC - Global distribution system firm GDS, the former general sales agent of Viva Macau in Vietnam, said Viva Macau’s bankruptcy had affected at least 900 local creditors.

Viva Macau still owes over US$150,000 to GDS, booking agents, travel agencies and passengers in Vietnam, according to GDS. However, the airline’s combined debt in Vietnam could reach around US$1 million if the unpaid bills of local service providers were included.

The company told the Daily yesterday that there was little chance of the budget airline settling the debt.

GDS said it would continue to track new developments of the Viva Macau case, but noted Viva Macau leased almost assets from offices to aircraft as reported by the bankruptcy management agency under the court of Macau.

Viva Macau reportedly owes some US$38 million to 1,983 creditors including the Macau government, aircraft leasing and service companies, its staff, general sales agents, booking agents, travel firms and passengers in and outside the Chinese territory.

The court of Macao will consider petitions from creditors and decide who will be prioritized to get compensation after the court allowed Viva Macau to go bankrupt at the first two-day hearing in Macau last month because the carrier was unable to resume services.

Viva Macau started to fly to Tan Son Nhat Airport in December 2007 and Noi Bai Airport in early 2009. The carrier operated daily service to Tan Son Nhat and three weekly flights to Noi Bai before it had to call off its flights to Hanoi on March 27 and HCMC a day later.

In Vietnam, Indochina Airlines faces legal action from booking agents after the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) said this agency did not know how to contact the private airline to tell it to pay deposit debts for over 30 agents.

An official of CAAV told the Daily that he had once attempted to phone Ha Hung Dung, chief executive officer of Indochina Airlines, informing him of the agents?calls for debt payment and order this carrier to send a report on how to settle debt, but Dung did not answer the call.

CAAV also received back a document it sent to the address of Indochina Airlines in its business license to inform the carrier of the agents?request for their deposit payment. In addition to agents, the carrier has not paid tens of billions of dong to jet fuel and service providers, including Vietnam Air Petrol Co.

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Macao's ex-budget airline president vows to launch luxury charter flights
18 October 2010

MACAO, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- Ngan In Leng, president of low-cost carrier Viva Macao that went bankrupt two months ago, planned to start his new aviation business focusing on luxury charter flights for well-heeled customers by the end of this year, the Macao Post Daily reported on Monday.

The newspaper quoted Ngan as saying that preparations for his new airline company were going "smoothly" and that he was just waiting for the planes to get his new aviation business off the ground.

According to Ngan, his new joint venture, which he said had already been approved by the government, will operate under an independent aviation license, unlike Viva Macao's sub-concession license granted by Air Macao.

Ngan, who briefed reporters about his new joint venture Saturday on the sidelines of a public function in Coloane, did not reveal any information on his joint-venture partners.

Established in 2005, Ngan's Viva Macao came to an abrupt end in March after failing to resolve payment issues with its local fuel supplier that left its fleet grounded, leading to a mass cancellation of flights.

Ngan kept mum on Viva Macao's overdue loan repayments to the government when asked about the case, adding that it was "in the courts now".

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MOP200 million flew away with Viva Macau, no criminal charges against extinct airline
Macau Daily Times Excerpt
Sep 17, 2020

A report released by the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) yesterday says that public servants responsible for the vetting and approval of MOP 212 million in loans to Viva Macau a private airline that went bankrupt in 2010, “failed in their responsibilities”.

According to the CCAC report, the relevant department was found that "it had neither strictly required complete application documents from the applicant nor carefully scrutinized the applicant’s repayment capacity, during the vetting and approval process of Viva Macau’s loan application."

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng has directed government departments "to study closely the suggestions and issues raised in an investigation report by the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) concerning Government loans" to now-defunct Viva Macau airline, the Government Information Bureau (GCS) has announced.

As part of the administration reform effort, the government would make an in-depth evaluation of functions, structures, and respective regulations and laws governing all public funds, with a view to ensuring proper use of public resources.

GCS also informs that the Chief Executive has asked the Secretary for Economy and Finance to review the loan granting process by the FDIC, including making "necessary optimizations in relation to loan-granting procedures, assessment of repayment ability and relevant supervision mechanisms."

Other enhancements ordered by the Chief Executive included: a robust loan guarantee mechanism and explicit requirements of assets with adequate repayment capacity when a loan application involving a large sum. These aimed to minimize risks to the Government when the fund receivers experiencing financial difficulties.

More : MOP200 million flew away with Viva Macau, no criminal charges against extinct airline

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Pan-Democrat Lawmakers Want AL Hearing with Edmund Ho, Francis Tam
Macau Daily Times Excerpt
Dec 17, 2020

Lawmakers Sulu Sou and José Pereira Coutinho want to call former Chief Executive (CE) Edmund Ho and former Secretary for Economy and Finance Francis Tam to a hearing in a plenary session at the Legislative Assembly (AL).

The hearing aims to ask the former high-ranking officials how the airline Viva Macau was able to receive government loans totaling MOP212 million, which the government never managed to recover.

According to the lawmakers, the hearing proposal has been delivered to the AL and is currently waiting to be scheduled for presentation to the plenary.

All the lawmakers that compose the plenary will have to vote to decide if the hearing goes forward or not.

In the justification note for the request to vote on the matter, the lawmakers noted that although the topic has been addressed during the hemicycle on several occasions it was never clear what led Tam first, then Ho to authorize the loans.

In 2018, Sou and Pereira Coutinho presented a debate proposal on this topic, which was also brought to plenary on August 7.

More : Viva Macau | Pan-democrat lawmakers want AL hearing with Edmund Ho, Francis Tam
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