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Vizag photos - copyrights belong to respective photographers





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There are many cities all over India which do not get much coverage by the media or even residents.

There is Bhubaneshwar - a pleasant and well planned city. But how often do we find photos of this city except for its temples? There is Jamshedpur, Rourkela, Durgapur, Haldia, Bhillai, Bokaro and numerous small towns and townships which are home to India's middle class. But photographic info about them is either of bad quality or none.
Hindustani said:
Suncity..............I knew Vizag was scenically beautiful. But that 2nd image you posted just caught me by surprise as well. It just shows how much developed a tertiary metros can be. If Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai are 4 main metros & Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Trivandrum, kanpur etc are secondary metros. rarely a cities like Vizag, Jammu tawi, cochin gets mentioned unless there is a discussion regarding some fishing "village". I must say these tiertiary cities are way way far from typical indian villages.
Hindustani - you had posted some great pics of Vizag. I believe we lost them during the server upgrade. There have been reports of missing posts.

So please repost them.
Yes, Vizag = Visakhapatnam.
sach999 said:
Is Vizhag = Vishakapatnam ?
Luckystreak this is amazing..

LuckyStreak - great pics. The prison does seem to have a scenic location!
Welcome on board SSC. Enjoy your stay and please do contribute project information about Mumbai.

sx1 said:
Thank You very much for those pics.

Although i live in Mumbai,Vizag is my hometown.Haven't been there since July 2003.

Its one of the most underrated cities in India.

Keep up the good work :)

P.S. As you can see,this is my first post.Hi to everyone here.:wave:
Nice pics LuckyStreak!
Luckystreak - great pics as usual!!!!

I thought JNPT (Navi Mumbai) was the number one in container traffic and was ranked number 32 in the world.

Vizag was number one in terms of tons output in India.
nik said:
BTW Vizag port has the highest container traffic in India. It is operated by Dubai Ports World, the one that handles Cochin port too.
Thanx Streak, for both the responses.
Luckystreak said:
Photo paulsysp

Photo lpiepiora
bommasaniv said:

I too want to upload some good pics of Vizag. But, could anyone tell me how can I upload images onto this forum?
Vizag is ranked first among the Indian Major Ports in terms of annual cargo throughput. The cargo throughput handled in 2005-06 was 55 million tonnes.
Kolkata (Calcutta-Haldia) is second with 53 million tonnes, Chennai (Madras) is third with 47 million tonnes, Kandla comes fourth with 45 million tonnes and Mumbai is fifth at 44 million tonnes.


However in terms of container traffic JNPT in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) is number one in India. The total container traffic handled at JNPT during the calendar year 2005 was 2.58 million TEUs (1.27 million TEUs at JNPCT and 1.31 million TEUs at NSICT).

Chennai Container Terminal is probably second with a throughput of 700,107 TEUs for the calendar year 2005.
cyberjaya said:
Vizag is India's largest port? i had thought it's Mumbai. What is Vizag port's container capacity?
What problem are you exactly facing?

Go to

Click on the Browse button

Locate the picture in your hard disk that you want to upload

Then click the "host it" button.

Imageshack will give you several results.

Go to the last result called direct link.

Copy that link.

Then come here to the Vizag thread.

Do a new reply.

Paste the link between

Then submit reply.
bommasaniv said:

Still unable to putup pictures. Will put up soon and share those with you.
Aerial view
photo copyright arun22111

View from a ship
photo copyright sourjya

Vizag drive

All photos are copyright of Timir Mozumder of and he has granted permission to post the photos here.

Another great series of Indian cityscapes and aerials by Timir.

Thanks to LuckyStreak and Babji for the captions/descriptions.

I am only posting some pics. For the whole series check out



1 - Visakhapatnam Port Trust and Hindustan Shipbuilding yard

2 - Entrance of the port. Dolphin nose(its a hill) in the background

3 - Housing near fishing harbour

4 - Downtown - Jagadamba Centre. (Older part of the city)

5 - VPT

6 - The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)' s newly constructed 4.87 km flyover near Convent Junction that connects Industrial Area, Naval and Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) establishments and Sheelanagar.

7 - Near Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited oil refinery.

8 - Vizag Railway Station with marripalem in the background

9 - Seetamma peta and Seetammadhara -Residential Areas.

10 - Yarada beach

11 - Sheelanagar?

12 - Beach road

13 - Beach road

14 - Beach road

15 - Near Vuda park

16 - Kirlampudi Layout

17 - Kirlampudi Layout

18 - Pandurangapuram

19 - Pandurangapuram

20 - Pandurangapuram - Taken from Taj residency

21 - Ropeway - Kailasagiri

22 - Somewhere on the beach

23 - Taj Residency

24 - Dwarakanagar

25 - Station Road

26 - NH5

27 - View from atop the Dolphin Nose

28 - Beach Road towards Rushikonda

29 -

30 - port

31 - Nausenabagh

32 - Rushikonda Beach??

Two pictures are of the second port coming up in vizag - the 1700cr Gangavaram port.



photo copyright Jayashree


Welcome on board Sagar. And the pics are great!
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