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Vox | Chester Road | 51/46.5m | 15/14 fl

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Cornbrook Hub Manchester Waters | Castlefield
Apartments/Hotel/Aparthotel | Manchester


  • Address: Cornbrook Hub, Castlefield, Manchester

  • Architect: Leach Rhodes Walker Hotel/Aparthotel; Sheppard Robson Residential

  • Ground floor commercial space: 373sqm

  • Floors: 11-15

  • No. of apartments: 280 / No.of Hotel rooms: 242

  • Developer/s: Glenbrook CB Limited and Peel Land (Intermediate) Limited

Current status


Nearest transport

118625/FO/2017 | Full planning application for the erection of a part 14, part 15 storey building to form 280 residential apartments (C3a) together with ground floor commercial unit (373 sqm) (Use Classes A1, A2 or A3) with associated car parking, landscaping, public realm and other associated works following demolition of existing buildings and; Outline planning application (with all matters reserved) for the erection of part 11, part 15 building to form a 154 bed hotel and 88 bed apart-hotel building (Use Class C1) together with a single storey retail building (140 sqm) (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4 or A5) with associated public realm, car parking, and other associated works following demolition of existing buildings | Land Bounded By Dinton Street, Cornbrook Road, Chester Road And Trentham Street Manchester M15 4FX

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The hotel is some sort of sick joke. :cry:
The hotel is exactly the same as what was shown in the consultation. They obviously got favorable remarks. :nuts:

Peel and Glenbrook reveal Cornbrook hotel and resi plans

29 Nov 2017, 11:23

The proposed Chester Road development by a joint venture between Peel and Glenbrook is likely to be 14 storeys tall at its highest point.
One frickin person? From Planning Statement.

Nine written responses were received during the exhibition. Overall, these responses were generally positive with five of the respondents (56%) stating they were supportive of the proposals. Three respondents (33.33%) were undecided, and one respondent (11%) was unsupportive.
Well thats a relief. Phew.

I honestly don't mind the Flats. Quite like them in fact. The materials are pretty decent, I don't think the visuals do them justice. Its the material of choice again for the main cladding - anodized aluminium. Think the fair faced concrete against the anodized aluminium will look rather striking, especially with those copper lines. That balustrade is atrocious though. That should be glass.

They are storing masses of stuff on this site. Stuff for Trilogy by the looks of it.

Sounds like we will shortly be getting two more cranes at Cornbrook.

Prepping the bases at Cornbrook, new additions for the #Manchester crane survey coming soon!
Those site cabins over at Cornbrook Works also look new.
I've always wondered how these blocks will be positioned in relation to the neighbouring developments. With this and Cornbrook Works now u/c, this part of town is really starting to bulk up.

Taken from the planning app.

What a fantastic picture. mmcneillphotography Twitter

You can have a good gander at the apartments here. Very reasonably priced.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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