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Keith said something to me just after the consultation that is actually true, surprisingly ;). This isn't Castlefield or Manchester Gardens.

The style of Manchester Gardens is gorgeous and Glenbrook have kept that with The Trilogy and tweaked it slightly. Cornbrook is a different area. It needs to establish its own identity whilst referencing some of the similar styles used around St Georges.

The residential towers have a zig-zag similar to No1 Castlefield tower; they are grey/white exposed floors similar to The Trilogy/No1 Castlefield tower; they are similar in height to Manchester Gardens; blocky like St Georges Island etc.
I'm frequently on point. :)

It's a gateway site - I'm not one for every building matching each other, but I do like that it takes references from existing buildings and then is bold enough to do something sharp (and sharp is very much the word) of its own. The views they had at the consultation from Cornbrook station were brilliant. Plus, the development over the road behind the car showroom will also match up well. I think, if the hotel is on a similar level, this is a good development for the gateway.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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