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Cornbrook Hub Manchester Waters | Castlefield
Apartments/Hotel/Aparthotel | Manchester


  • Address: Cornbrook Hub, Castlefield, Manchester

  • Architect: Leach Rhodes Walker Hotel/Aparthotel; Sheppard Robson Residential

  • Ground floor commercial space: 373sqm

  • Floors: 11-15

  • No. of apartments: 280 / No.of Hotel rooms: 242

  • Developer/s: Glenbrook CB Limited and Peel Land (Intermediate) Limited

Current status


Nearest transport

118625/FO/2017 | Full planning application for the erection of a part 14, part 15 storey building to form 280 residential apartments (C3a) together with ground floor commercial unit (373 sqm) (Use Classes A1, A2 or A3) with associated car parking, landscaping, public realm and other associated works following demolition of existing buildings and; Outline planning application (with all matters reserved) for the erection of part 11, part 15 building to form a 154 bed hotel and 88 bed apart-hotel building (Use Class C1) together with a single storey retail building (140 sqm) (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4 or A5) with associated public realm, car parking, and other associated works following demolition of existing buildings | Land Bounded By Dinton Street, Cornbrook Road, Chester Road And Trentham Street Manchester M15 4FX

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Hotel isn’t final design. Outline planning app only. Planning app will be submitted at a later stage.
Leach Rhodes Walker haven’t designed the residential, that’s by Sheppard Robson
Keith said something to me just after the consultation that is actually true, surprisingly ;). This isn't Castlefield or Manchester Gardens.

The style of Manchester Gardens is gorgeous and Glenbrook have kept that with The Trilogy and tweaked it slightly. Cornbrook is a different area. It needs to establish its own identity whilst referencing some of the similar styles used around St Georges.

The residential towers have a zig-zag similar to No1 Castlefield tower; they are grey/white exposed floors similar to The Trilogy/No1 Castlefield tower; they are similar in height to Manchester Gardens; blocky like St Georges Island etc.

Outline Permission for Hotel

Jesus Christ people - calm down. :)

The hotel, as AJ stated, is not the final design.

And the flats look fricking gorgeous. Far more Scandinavian than Benidorm, and some real subtleties in the design to ensure the flats all get light.
The outline elements of the application are identi ed below:

• A maximum number of hotel and apart-hotel bedrooms (C1 use): Hotel - up to 154 bedrooms
Apart-hotel - up to 88 bedrooms

• A maximum quantum of retail oor-space (186sqm, Use Classes
A1 to A5)

• Maximum development envelopes set out in parameter plans,
including parameters for height, width and length of each building;

• Minimum distances and positioning of facing windows between
the hotel building and the neighbouring residential building (applied
for in detail);

• Broad locations for the service yard, car parking, and public realm;

• Principle access points into the hotel site will be established in the
parameters plans.

Details of appearance, landscape, and internal layout would be reserved for the outline element of the Site for later approval via reserved matters applications. An indicative scheme is, however, included in the hybrid application for the outline element of the development to give one iteration of how the internal layouts, appearance, and public realm of the hotel, apart-hotel and retail unit could come forward within the de ned parameter plans. The Design and Access Statement also sets out guidance for the future reserved matters applications, such as potential internal con gurations and car parking numbers achievable.
They had a precedent image of a tower and I thought if you can replicate that pattern we'd be on to a winner. I'll try and find it.
Its down to the hotel really. If the hotel is a naff design, and lets face it LRW aren't my favourite Architectural practice then this has the potential to let down the whole area, including Manchester Gardens.
Goes to planning committee 28th June 2018. Bear in mind this is for the apartment blocks and only outline planning for hotel.

This looks like preparation for a piling mat to me.
2018-09-14CornbrookHub4 by Andrew Roberts, on Flickr
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Yes currently just for the two apartment blocks. Hotel only has outline permission. No planning app yet.
Is all the work happening now just for the apartments element then? Looks like quite a big plot they're working on, but from scanning the thread doesn't seem there's been a planning application for the hotel?
Just waiting for the hotel application to be submitted now. I've a sneaky feeling it could be the location of the 4th/5th Motel One with Stay City taking up the apartment section (similar to 3 St Peter's Square).
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"Patience Iago, patience."
Originally posted by flange.

Co Op to open on the ground floor here, planning application online for signage now.

Co-Operative Food Chester Road Manchester M15 4FX

Advertisement consent for the installation of 2 X internally illuminated projecting signs, 2 X internally illuminated wall mounted logo signs, 2 X internally illuminated logos within the window, 1 X non illuminated vinyl sign, 1 X non illuminated wall mounted aluminium panel.
Definitely needed in this area too as the closest is Regent Road Gaynsbury's or Gay Asda.
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