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Main sights

Ledenika cave - the most frequently visited Bulgarian cave.

Ledenika is located in the Stresherski part of the Vratsa mountain. Its entrance being at 830m above sea level. It features an abundance of galleries and impressive karst formations including stalactites and stalagmites, dating back a thousand years. The cave is about 300m long and contains ten separate halls. The cave is part of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria

Rogozen Treasure - the biggest Thracian treasure that was ever discovered on the territory of Bulgaria.

The Rogozen Treasure is stored in a special hall in the Historical Museum in Vratsa.
It consists of 165 silver vessels, decorated by gilding.
Vratsa Historical Museum

Vratsata Gorge – the highest vertical limestone cliffs on the Balkan Peninsula (400 meters high).

Vratsata Gorge is situated in Vratsa Mountain. The area is easily accessible from Vratsa. The limestone of Vratsata Central Wall and the other rocks offer many possibilities for climbing and alpinism, connected by more than 70 alpine routes of all categories of difficulty.


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1 ЮНИ - Ден на Враца.
1 June - Day of Vratsa

Честит празник на всички съграждани!

Ето как изглежда всяка година площад Христо Ботев на митинга-заря провеждан ежегодно в града. Така ще изглежда и довечера.
В която и точка на света да се намирате, може да го гледате в прякото предване на БНТ и ТВ България, започващо точно в 21.00 ч (Българско време)

BONUS: Видео от миналогодишния митинг заря. Гледайте и двете части до края. Заслужава си!

VIDEO (01.06.2006) - PART 1

VIDEO (01.06.2006) - PART 2

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^^ Yes i will watch it ! Eternal glory to all those heroes who sacrificed their life in the Vratsa Balkan and especially to Hristo Botev.

Here goes one of my favourite poems of Botev:

Моята молитва

"Благословен бог наш..."

О, мой боже, прави боже!
Не ти, що си в небесата,
а ти, що си в мене, боже -
мен в сърцето и в душата...

Не ти, комуто се кланят
калугери и попове
и комуто свещи палят
православните скотове;

не ти, който си направил
от кал мъжът и жената,
а човекът си оставил
роб да бъде на земята;

не ти, който си помазал
царе, папи, патриарси,
а в неволя си зарязал
мойте братя сиромаси;

не ти, който учиш робът
да търпи и да се моли
и храниш го дор до гробът
само със надежди голи;

не ти, боже на лъжците,
на безчестните тирани,
не ти, идол на глупците,
на човешките душмани!

А ти, боже, на разумът,
защитниче на робите,
на когото щат празнуват
денят скоро народите!

Вдъхни секиму, о, боже!
любов жива за свобода -
да се бори кой как може
с душманите на народа.

Подкрепи и мен ръката,
та кога въстане робът,
в редовете на борбата
да си найда и аз гробът!

Не оставяй да изстине
буйно сърце на чужбина,
и гласът ми да премине
тихо като през пустиня!...

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It is a little depressing to me too - part of it because of the lack of many new buildings which makes the city look like some other bg cities 10 years ago, part of it 'cuz for month and a half I was dungeoned in the barracks as a young bg soldier. As for the mountains - it is a matter of taste, some like it green, some like rocks, others forests, year-round ice caps etc. Let's say this part of Stara Planina is too rocky for my taste and there are too many snakes and lizzards. But crows are cool :lol:

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I think that a general renovation of the buildings will make the city look like it was just founded. Just imagine if all those old blocks were all painted -- i would say it would be just like taking a trip to the Parisian suburbs- after all they came from France. :)

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Good work Ekatte,but please the next time post the pics with their original size directly here,it's very annoying to open 15-20 tabs at the same time.
I know Mihailovo,coz my grandmother has a house there and we are having a civil trial for her house-there are some people who just get in years ago and we can't get them out.If I wasn't prohibited by my parents (we must done it legal!) I just will kick them out :bash:
Vratza has very good centre,but neighbours are very dirty and depressing.
But the Balkan is something worth visiting.Also the roads are in poor condition,but that's a general Bulgarian problem.
Anyway,I just like the "Wild wild west"-we call that our region.:banana:
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