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The subject site is located on the northern side of Hay Street, East Perth, comprising three lots with a total site area of 2,460m2. The site is currently occupied by a two storey hotel building known as the ‘Carlton Hotel’, which is listed on the State Register of Heritage Places.

Approval is sought to retain and restore the existing ‘Carlton Hotel’ building for the continued use as a bar and the construction of the 26-level mixed-use development at the rear of the subject site.

Details of the proposal include:-
 three basement levels accommodating 167 car parking bays accessed via the existing right of way at the rear of the site;

 refurbishment of the existing building for use as a café and bar with associated outdoor dining areas;

 a ground floor porte-cochere accessed via Hay Street providing parking facilities for nine bays;

 first and second floor level office tenancies and communal residential recreation facilities;

 21 levels of residential apartments containing a total of 123 dwellings with a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments.


Land Use

The subject property is located within the Town Centre use area of the Goderich Precinct (P14) under the City Planning Scheme No. 2. The Statement of Intent for the Goderich Precinct states that the Precinct shall be consolidated as a node of shopping, commercial and community facilities, servicing the needs of residents and workers in this area and adjoining precincts. Generally only shops, showrooms and restaurants will be permitted to front Hay Street, although a range of residential and commercial uses will be permitted on upper levels or to the rear. Residential uses in this area of the Precinct are encouraged. New development along Hay Street should reflect existing development and complement historic buildings, be built up to the street, incorporate a shopfront design, reflect the existing building scale and provide pedestrian weather protection over the footpath. ‘Dining’ is a preferred use and ‘Residential’, ‘Office’ and ‘Entertainment’ are all contemplated uses within the Town Centre use area of the Goderich Precinct.

Development Requirements

The proposal’s compliance with the City Planning Scheme No. 2 and the Goderich Design Guideline development requirements is summarised below for the proposed site:-


Bonus Plot Ratio

The proposed development has a plot ratio of 4.76:1 or 11,718.6m² on the subject site. This exceeds the maximum plot ratio for the site by 1,878.6m², representing a 19% plot ratio bonus.

Under the Bonus Plot Ratio Policy, the community or other facilities eligible for bonus plot ratio include:-

 public space;
 pedestrian facilities;
 conservation of heritage places and heritage areas;
 provision of specific facilities on private land;
 public view considerations.

Grounds for Bonus Plot Ratio

In support of the request for bonus plot ratio it is proposed to retain and conserve the existing heritage building and provide a public forecourt space within the Hay Street setback.

The southern most portion of the hotel facing Hay Street, which is considered to be of high significance, will be retained. The external façade will be restored and the internal areas redesigned to optimise the functionality of the new building whilst retaining the significant internal features of the building.

In general the proposed works to the hotel include:-

 the fabric of the street elevation is to be retained as existing;
 the dining room on the western side of the front wing, previously altered in 1965 and 1974, is to be retained to become a café in the proposed development. Window openings in the western elevation are to be converted to French doors;
 the existing public bar on the eastern side of the ground floor is also to be
retained in the existing configuration;
 the existing entry foyer to the hotel is to be retained. The existing staircase will be reused in an alternative configuration;
 internal walls of the first floor are to be retained;
 the first floor balcony is to be retained;
 a portion of the existing roof will be converted to a roof terrace.

The proposal was referred to the Heritage Council of WA (HCWA) for comment. The HCWA advised the City that the development proposal is supported subject to further information on the extent of the conservation work being provided, the back bar fabric, main stair case and terrazzo slab inside the eastern door all being retained and an interpretation plan being developed detailing the site’s physical and social history.

It is also proposed to create a public forecourt area in the Hay Street setback. The forecourt will provide public bicycle parking facilities, a drinking fountain, outdoor seating, hard and soft landscaping and paving upgrades and outdoor lighting.

In general the forecourt is proposed to be:-

 Designed to provide an easily accessible public open space.
 Well defined by landscaping and highly visible from the street.
 Adjoining a café to enhance public interest and interaction.
 A display area for permanent public art.
 Provide a sympathetic setting for the existing heritage building.


The Design Advisory Committee was requested to comment on the awarding of bonus plot ratio and the design of the proposed development including:-

 Building Height
The proposed development exceeds the maximum building height as prescribed in the Goderich Design Guidelines. The Guidelines state that new development shall take into account the scale, mass and grain of surrounding buildings and unsympathetic contrasts should be avoided.

 Porte-Cochere and Streetscape Presentation
The Goderich Design Guidelines require a nil setback to the Hay Street frontage. It is however considered that the proposed double crossover from
Hay Street providing access for nine tenant car parking bays and a portecochere has a negative impact on the streetscape.

Ms Morgan returned to the meeting at 5.40pm.

A verbal presentation was given to the Design Advisory Committee in regard to this application.

The Presiding Member agreed to accept a deputation from Mr Laurie Scanlan
Lawrence J and Associates and Mr John Dimitrovski, representative for the
owner of 248 – 260 (Lot 4 – 6) Hay Street, East Perth for Item DA86/09.

Mr Laurie Scanlan gave a presentation on the item. Moved by Mr Monks, seconded by Mr Hames That the Design Advisory Committee, having considered the design proposal and request for bonus plot ratio being awarded for the proposed redevelopment of the site to construct 26-level mixed-use
development containing 123 multiple dwellings, ‘entertainment’, ‘dining’ and ‘office’ uses and 183 car parking bays at 248 – 260 (Lots 4 – 6) Hay Street, East Perth does not support the proposed development in its current format on the basis of:-

1. the proposed 75 metre height grossly exceeding the height provisions of the Scheme and suggests that any proposed development should be reduced to a height relating to surrounding new development within the precinct;

2. the proposed crossover being reduced in width to be more sympathetic the street;

3. the adverse impact on the adjoining residential properties;

4. the public plaza facilities being proposed not considered appropriate in its current format for attracting any plot ratio bonus;

5. the proposed conservation works to the Carlton Hotel not proposing and offering sufficient public works for the extent of plot ratio bonus requested.

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The site definitely needs something done on it.

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The design advisory committee is made up of 2 architects a planner and an engineer. State govt architect steve woodland was a member up until recently.

The PCC need to update their planning policies for this committee to be truly effective.

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Stupid. This area is a craphole, especially Goderich Street, how could they possibily refuse if the building design is "ok".

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re: Goderich - that's why it is perfect for the Royal Perth buildings south of Wellington to become the uni campus.
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