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Waiting for the summer to come....

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Some pictures of the abnormal often thunderstorms and lightnings as well as storms and heavy rain. I was the only one on top of the mountain range under the trees to take photos during the thunderstorms,... :lol:

The thunderstorm surrounding the city:

Bad Weather approaching, HDR:

Thunderstorm in a distance seen from the top of the castle tower:

Castle above the city:

Old Theatre and Old Cityhall

New and Old Cityhall:

Eventually more to come...:cheers:
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WOW! The third picture is absolutely mind-blowing! I love it. :cheers2:
Great! What city is that? Stuttgart?
Thank you all for your nice comments. No, this city is called Bielefeld. :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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