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A little photo tour around Central London, all pics taken last Saturday

Starting in Vauxhall, new residential highrises

Leaving Vauxhall

View from Vauxhall Bridge

Opposite bank - Pimlico

Random views on the way towards the Parliament

Tate Britain gallery

Millbank Tower

Approaching the Parliament

Various random shots around the Parliament

Parliament street

King Charles Street

Locals of St.James Park :)

View from St.James Park

Buckingham Palace

South Korean embassy

Cardinal Place construction

Victoria Station

Inside the station

Various random views and random directions (I didn't have much idea where I was going)

See Part 2 for more :)

Oh! There he is!!
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at the end of this street there is what looks like a is st johns smith square,, of the most wonderful concert venues anywhere..i was fortunate enough to sing there a couple of years back....lovely place plus my best mate william works just up this road and round the corner to the right lol
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