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Walking speed increased in many cities

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Just saw a news article on walking speed in cities around the globe. Aparently walking speed in many cities have increased. This is largley due to increased stress and faster pase of life. The British study ranked Singapore, Copenhagen and Madrid as the most frantic cities. Surprisingly the more hectic metropolises like New York City,London and Tokyo ranked lower on the scale but still had increases in walking speed. I was surprised to learn that Sydney was very low on the scale of city walking speeds. Tonight when walking to a railway station in Sydney I was almost bowled over by a large crowed of fast walking commuters who had just departed a train. The other night when walking home a guy (who sounded like a backpacker) came up beside me and told me I walked fast and was going to try and keep up. He asked if I was walking for exercise. I told him I was kind of both doing it for excercise and was in a rush to get home. Actually I was feeling kind of stressed and and was probably why I was walking so fast.

Oh should I mention a resent visit to a shopping centre in the smaller city of Canberra. Don't stand in the middle of the walkways, crowds of people walk at fast speed and they don't change course for any one.

I would like to know if any one thinks the people in their home town walks fast or people seem to be walking faster. Or perhaps people have done the opposite and slowed down.

Cheers from Westender.
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I know Guangzhou ranks the 4th.
what a great thread!

oelanddk - i have copenhagen claimin respect on vinyl. :D
When I was in Madrid there were soo many people walking it looked like a sea of ants, especially a street near puerta de sol. Same in Barcelona. Even though Canberra is small, the city shopping areas can get pretty busy at peak hour(lunch).
Guangzhou is on the 4th position. Guangzhou is a fast pace city, but suprisely that the walking speed is faster than Hong Kong, or Shanghai? And Singaporean's walking speed is faster than that of Hong Konger? Where is Hong Kong in that list? In New York, financial district (wall street area) is the same as Hong Kong's central. Anyway, this thread showed be closed due to it belongs to city vs city.
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London has the slowest walkers in the world. Personally I find it a real problem here, especially in places like Oxford Street when it gets overcrowded. It's incredibly frustrating!
I think Povoa de Varzim has the toppest walking speed!!!

if you count me in, I'm pretty fast walking, almost everyday I catch the metro or loose it by seconds!

This list is just more B.S.:bash:
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