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I remember reading a lot about this last year, but not so much lately. Is the plan for a Walmart to be built in the Austin(?) neighborhood still on? How do you think it will effect the city?

Would this be an 'urban' version Walmart?

There are already some large discount stores in Chicago, right? So I don't really think having one in the city would do that much damage.
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Wasnt a Walmart was planning to put it around North Ave, and one by Wentworth?
Groundbreaking for the Austin store took place in February. I have not seen plans for the store, but given its far west side location and the fact that the land was previously occupied by a manufacturing plant, my guess is they have plenty of room to build the standard single-level Wal-Mart with a big parking lot.
Walmart hasn't really been making much effort to integrate itself into urban environments, and I don't see how the Austin-neighborhood version would be any different.
Ohhh, don't get me started on F*ckmart. I would sooner starve to death in a small town than spend a penny at WalMart. (And given that Walmart has sucked the life out of small town America, I probably would starve due to lack of options.)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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