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WANTED: Your best Graffiti pics of NYC!!!

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Hey everyone, there is a fashion show at one of the local colleges here in upstate and they are requesting some very urban and gritty, yet graffiti orientated photos for the graphics presentation. I am going to provide some graffiti photos of Buffalo...but I need New Yorkers' help here.

Give me you name (for credits) and try and include the largest photo you are willing to share.

Thanks everyone.

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Well the pictures I'm gonna post isn't taken from me. But this is some of the finest productions to come out of NYC. Credits go to the NY writers. I'll do a few for now :)

From Art Crimes

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if you dig back thru previous pages, i've done a number of graffi threads over the past few years..

though most of them come from art crimes.. so you're better off just going thru their massive collection
gothamaniac said:
here are a few from dumbo brooklyn....
Nice pics but these are tags and throw-ups. Anyway, just curious what kind of graf are you looking for? Pieces or murals or throw-ups?
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