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Warning: Posting on this forum

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Hello Fellow Forumers;

I've come across a few deleted post that I will no longer accept or tolerate on this forum. Whether your comment was in the EAYOR thread or not, I will take the most appropriate action by examining the situation and your history in this forum (and yes I know each and every one of you) and issue either a final warning or a ban. I monitor all threads on a daily basis, and to come across certain issues debated in a discourteous manner is completely unacceptable.

You will notice a few forumers that were either banned or issued a final warning due to their inappropriate behavior. The rules of this forum are posted in the main section of Lebanon's forum. I encourage you all to re-read them once again.

We've worked far to hard to have this forum up and running, and I will not abide by a few hooligans that destroys what we greatly achieved in the past 4 years in our forum's history.

Let my actions be a warning to anyone who attempts to spam or break our achievement.

Kindest Regards,

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