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Warsaw by DocentX (2007) PART II

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Photos taken in April - May 2007

Southern Downtown ('Srodmiescie Poludniowe')

'Zbawiciela square' = 'Saviour square'

Around 'Zbawiciela square'

'Aleja Roz' = 'Roses Avenue'

'Koszykowa' street

'Mokotowska' street

'Krucza' steet

'Wilcza' street

'Marszalkowska street' - one of the most important streets in Warsaw

'Plac Konstytucji' = 'Constitution Square'

'Trasa Lazienkowska' - one of the key Warsaw arteries - in a distance 'Praga Poludnie' district

some Warsaw Park

a few shots from Warsaw 'Powisle' district

Once again Warsaw southern downtown

Focus Filtrowa office building

Around 'Plac Politechniki' = 'University of Technology Square'

Warsaw Univesity of Technology - main building

'Lwowska' street = 'Lviv' street

'Sniadeckich' street

'Plac Konstytucji' = 'Constitution Square'

going from 'Constitution Square' to metro station

'Wierzbno' metro station

'Sluzewiec' district - one of the key business districts of Warsaw - lot's of office buildings are localized here, lot's of const. is going on

some photos were taken from a running tram...

New headquater of Polish Public TV

some other buildings in 'Sluzewiec' area

'Mokotow' district

Europlex building

'Pulawska' street - the longest street in Warsaw - as far as I know it has around 20 km

coming back to the Warsaw downtown

'Plan Unii Lubelskiej' = 'Lublin Union Square'

'Szucha' Avenue

'Trasa Lazienkowska'

'Agrykola' street - one of two remaining streets in Warsaw with original gas lamps

Polish king 'Jan III Sobieski' monument - the monument commemorates Vienna battle 1683

Palace on the Water - summer residence of 'Stanislaw August Poniatowski' - last king of Poland

Ujazdowski castle

views from the top

once again Warsaw southern downtown

'Niepodlegosci' avenue = 'Independence Avenue'

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agreed ^^ Great sh0ts again :cheers: Not much of the skyline though, but its not bad as u can find the photos all overe here :)
Nice! I really enjoyed both threads.
I am glad You liked the photos :cheers:
Warsaw looks very nice in these pictures! Alot of Fav's in this serie.
Good job DocentX

I think in the first part were better photos but it is only my opinion.
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Great Pics! Warsaw is one of my favorite city in Europe ;) For 5 years Warsaw will have one of the best skyline (of course in Europe) :D
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